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I remember the time my mom was not feeling well, she was having great abdominal pain and was sent to the hospital, where she ended up having to stay in the hospital as they needed to run a various set of test on her.  Once she was settled in and resting I had to leave and told her I would see her first thing in the morning. Well, the next morning as I was getting ready to go back to the hospital and check on her I received a call from the hospital telling me she had gone into a coma after having a cat scan. Needless to say, I was highly upset and rushed to be by her side. There had been people who have come out of a coma that had been in a coma for months and they say your hearing is the last to go, so I was hoping she could hear me as I was talking to her and even if her brain may have been dead as long as her heart was still beating I refused to allow them to unplug the machines.  So the hospital allowed me to stay in one of their private rooms so that I could be there on site and be with her whenever I felt like it. She passed away several days later.

I tell you this because I feel it is time. It’s time to start having quality conversations with loved ones again. Death is a real challenge and it tells us not to waste time. It tells us to make the time right now to tell each other that we love each other. It tells us to stop texting and tweeting every second and actually open the floodgates to real, long, heartfelt conversations with the people we love and care about. Relationships flourish when people are able to share their innermost feelings and thoughts about themselves and each other. To be fully heard by someone, in raw form, and to be adored anyhow, is what true love is. Making time for these deep connections and conversations is well worth it. It’s Time.

Celebrating Juneteenth

Juneteenth is a big gala celebration held on Saturday, June 19, 2021 to celebrate the liberation of black American slaves in Texas, which took place on June 19, 1865.

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Happy Father’s Day Weekend!


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Men Styling Tips for Summer

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Dealing With Relationship Insecurity

In honor of the upcoming Father’s day weekend, I thought I would show the fellas some love this week with man quotes and a couple of helpful, yet funny videos such as the one below. And I thought who best to give some honest and humorous man tips than (Alpha Male) Alex Costa. Side note:These tips can be reversed.

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Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide Around the Home

That brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your bathroom cabinet or first aid kit can do a lot more than taking care of small cuts and wounds. You can boost the performance of plants in your garden, clean your home and laundry, and improve your beauty routine. 

What Is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is the chemical compound H2O2, made up of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. It’s a pale blue liquid in its pure form.

Hydrogen peroxide is sold in concentrations of 3 to 10 percent at most drug stores. The 3 percent solution works great for household cleaning and disinfecting.


Hydrogen peroxide comes in the dark brown bottle because it breaks down to plain water when exposed to heat, light, and air. The decomposition isn’t harmful, but if the “fizz” is gone when you begin cleaning, you’re just using plain water. Use the bottle within a month or so for the best results, but it can still be used for about six months after opening. 

Sanitize Beauty and Manicure Tools

Each time you use tweezers, manicure or pedicure tools, and eyelash curlers they come in contact with body soil and bacteria. A dip or rub-down with a bit of hydrogen peroxide will sanitize the tools and prevent infections.1

Disinfect Toothbrushes and Mouth Guards

Toothbrushes, retainers, and sports mouth guards can be disinfected by a quick soak in hydrogen peroxide. Give each a good rinse with plain water before using them.


There is one thing you should not do with hydrogen peroxide: swallow it. Even at the 3 percent concentration, it can cause blistering in the mouth, vomiting, and abdominal distress. 

Get Sweet-Smelling, Prettier Feet

Smelly feet are covered with bacteria that are causing the odor. Mix a foot soak with one part hydrogen peroxide to three parts warm water. The same treatment will help protect against spreading athlete’s foot fungus and even soften calluses and corns.

Whiten Discolored Nails

Mix one part hydrogen peroxide to two parts baking soda in a bowl to form a paste. It will foam a bit but when it stops spread the paste over and under your nails. Let it work for three minutes and then rinse with plain water.

Freshen and Disinfect Kitchen Sponges

Kitchen sponges harbor some really scary bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella. Disinfect them daily with a solution of 50 percent water and 50 percent hydrogen peroxide.

Keep Cutting Boards Bacteria-Free

Each time you use wooden or plastic cutting boards, little scratches appear that can trap bacteria. A quick spritz with hydrogen peroxide will keep them safe to use.

Sanitize Your Refrigerator

After you’ve cleaned out your refrigerator and before you add that new box of baking soda, spray the inside with hydrogen peroxide to kill any lingering bacteria. Let it work for several minutes and then wipe it down with plain water.

Brighten Discolored Cookware

Mix a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to spread on the interior of discolored ceramic-coated cookware. This will help lighten stains and gently clean the surface.

Make Reusable Grocery Bags Healthier

Reusable grocery bags are great for the environment but not always so good for your health. The bags should be washed frequently and correctly. However, if you don’t have time for a thorough cleaning, give the interiors a quick spray with hydrogen peroxide to kill harmful bacteria.

 Clean Tile Grout

Grout between the bathroom and kitchen tiles not only gets dirty, but it can also get covered with mildew. One of the best ways to kill the fungus is hydrogen peroxide. To whiten grout, mix a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Spread it on the tile (it will also help cut through soap scum) and let it work for five minutes. Wipe away with plain water to see the sparkle.

Put a Shine on Mirrors

Use a lint-free microfiber cloth and a spray of hydrogen peroxide to create a streak-free mirror.

Whiten Dingy Clothes

If you don’t like using chlorine bleach, add some hydrogen peroxide instead to a load of dingy white clothes. Add one cup of hydrogen peroxide to the washer or automatic bleach dispenser before adding water or clothes.

Get Rid of Underarm Sweat Stains on White Shirts

Mix 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1/4 cup water in a bowl. Use a soft-bristled brush to work the solution into underarm stains and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes. Give it one more final scrub with the brush and then wash as usual.

Breathe Easier

Dehumidifiers and humidifiers are perfect breeding grounds for molds due to the moisture and heat they collect or generate. Keep them clean by running a solution of half water and half hydrogen peroxide through them monthly.

Kill Dust Mites

Dust mites thrive on the small bits of skin we shed in our homes, particularly in the bedroom. Give your mattress a spray with hydrogen peroxide to kill the insects. Allow the mattress to dry completely before remaking the bed with clean bedding.2

Disinfect Kids’ and Pets’ Toys

To kill germs and bacteria, spray plastic toys with hydrogen peroxide. Allow it to sit on the surfaces for a few minutes and then rinse with plain water.

Make Your Garden Grow

That extra oxygen molecule in hydrogen peroxide boosts a plant’s ability to absorb nutrients from the soil.3 And all it takes is just a little bit. Mix a solution of one teaspoon hydrogen peroxide in one gallon of room-temperature water. Use it right away to fertilize outdoor and indoor plants.

Protect Plants From Disease

Insects, fungus, and plant diseases can easily be transferred from plant to plant. Use hydrogen peroxide to sanitize garden tools like Fiskars Pruning Shears and containers after each use.3, #hydrogen peroxide, #littlebrownbottle, #disinfect, #cleaning

Happy Friday!

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17 Great Elementary School Graduation Gifts

Reward your kiddo for a job well done with these cool gifts.

Oh, the places your young graduate will go! Celebrate the future middle schooler in your life with these fun commencement gifts, from tech to fashion and more.

1. Swagtron Self-Balancing Hoverboard

It comes in three bright colors kids will love.

With colorful LED headlights and flashing wheel lights, they’ll be the brightest kid on the block. Safe for first-time users and experienced riders alike, they might just take this hoverboard to middle school with them ($140,

2. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

It’s a great way to get kids to drink more water.

This cult favorite double-insulated stainless steel water bottle keeps water icy cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to six hours. The 20-ounce model is perfect for growing kiddos, plus it comes in 14 fun colors ($27,

3. Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Rated E, this is a game the whole family will enjoy.

Players can design their own character, and island paradise to explore, in this game for Nintendo Switch systems. Because the seasons and time change based on real life, every day a new discovery awaits. To add to the fun, users can invite others to visit—or be the ones to travel! Up to four people can play on the same system together, and online, up to eight ($50,

4. PopSockets

Perfect for the goofball grad.

Handing down your old cellphone, or finally giving them their own? They can use this hysterical PopSocket to give their device a trendy update. The attachments, which are reusable, work as a grip or kickstand ($15,

5. Wake Up Sunrise Alarm Clock

It serves as a colorful table lamp too.

Rather than waking your grad with an unpleasantly loud sound, this device provides a gentle alert. Thirty minutes before alarm time, it slowly brightens up the room, simulating sunlight. When the alarm finally goes off, it’ll play one of 30 natural sounds, like that of waves or a thunderstorm ($40,

6. Abitzon Nail Polish Set

For the girly grad who likes to feel glam but isn’t quite old enough for makeup.

This set of nail polishes is sure to be a hit the next time you have an at-home spa day. The non-toxic, eco-friendly formula also dries quickly and is easy to peel off ($14,

7. Portable Cushioned Lap Desk

Kiddos who prefer to do homework anywhere but their desk will appreciate this.

They can comfortably work from the couch, bed or any other place at home with this portable desk. To make it easy to move, there’s a handle at the top where kids can also place their tablet or iPad ($25,

8. Caboodles On-the-Go Girl Retro Case

The design brings back so many memories.

She will no longer have an excuse as to why her dresser is overflowing with hair ties, lip balm and jewelry. This double-decker container has plenty of compartments to keep items safe ($20,

9. Dosmix Wireless Stereo Retro Speakers

It fully charges in two to three hours, and from there, will yield the same amount of operating time.

Although small, this speaker yields surprisingly good sound quality—but probably won’t be so loud that your neighbors complain. For kiddos who are passionate about music, and blasting it when possible ($123,

10. LEGO Architecture London

Bonus points if you visited the European city with your grad.

This sophisticated set consists of 460+ pieces for building models of famous London structures, including the National Gallery and Big Ben. When finished, it doubles as room decor. There are themed kits for other cities too, such as New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Paris ($40,

11. The Thoughtful Journal

For many kids, middle school can cause big changes.

They can keep track of all the most important happenings in their life in this journal. Lovely extras include a writing prompt that asks them what they’re most grateful for and a reminder to stop comparing themselves to others ($35,

12. Prep U Clean Trio Set

Because PUBERTY.

B.O. will be the least of your soon-to-be middle schooler’s worries when you gift this collection. The all-natural deodorant, 2-in-1 hair and body wash and body spray in the set will keep them fresh ($42,

13. Faber-Castell Young Artist Essentials Gift Set

Encourage your kid’s artistic side.

Your budding Degas can create masterpieces wherever she goes with the tools in this 64-piece set. Basics, including pencils, markers and colored pencils, await, as well as more advanced art tools such as oil pastels and watercolor pencils ($50,

14. Chocolate Pizza

This has a much longer shelf life than cake does.

Show how proud you are with some sweetness. This “pizza” treat is customizable with your choice of milk or dark chocolate, toppings on the border and a special message. When it’s time to serve, it breaks apart without much fuss ($23,

15. SunnyLife Luxe Ride-On Float Unicorn

Summer is closer than you think.

The unicorn trend isn’t going anywhere. Your grad can use this inflatable to soak up some rays and relax before fall returns ($70,

16. The Illustrated Version of Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone

Over 100 illustrations accompany this book about one young boy/wizards’s epic adventure.

When Harry Potter starts his heroic saga, he’s just turned 11—around the age of your elementary-school grad. Recognize the similarity with this edition of the first book in the series, lavishly illustrated by artist Jim Kay, and you can make a new yearly tradition ($23,

17. Cakebe Cake Turntable Set

A cute gift for an aspiring chef or a rainy-day activity you can do together.

Take your kid’s baking hobby to the next level. Using the cake decorating turntable, multiple frosting tips, pastry bags and more, he can turn baked goods into works of art ($20,

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15 Great Middle School Graduation Gifts

For your very resilient child.

Finishing middle school is a big step in any kid’s life. Show your grad how proud you are with these great gifts, which are perfect for use in the summer, high school or both! From a high-tech water bottle to a dynamic drone, these finds are sure to please your rising ninth grader.

1. LARQ Self-Cleaning and Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The Cadillac of hydration.

Sure, spending close to $100 on a water bottle seems a bit extreme, but hear us out: This sleek, insulated stainless steel number is self-cleaning, thanks to a non-toxic UV light in the cap. One charge lasts a month, so you don’t have to worry if your less-than-tidy teen tosses it in his gym bag and forgets to clean it for weeks ($95,

2. ILNCLUY Weighted Stainless Steel Hula Hoop

Everything old is new again.

Take it from TikTok: The latest fitness fad for the middle school set is a vintage throwback, weighted hula hoops. This one is easy to assemble and features comfy padded foam. Just add rice inside the hoop’s sections for a more intense workout ($40,

3. Drunk Elephant the Littles Kit

Go ahead, get yourself a set too.

If your teen is suddenly into prestige skincare, this travel kit by cult favorite Drunk Elephant has everything she needs: cleanser, three serums, facial oil, sunscreen, eye cream and the brand’s popular Protini Polypeptide Cream ($90,

4. Sony Wireless Headphones WH-CH510

The ear cups swivel, making these headphones easier to pack.

You don’t have to go broke getting your teen Bluetooth headphones. These are budget-friendly, provide decent quality audio, and, perhaps the best perk, offer up to 35 hours of playtime with a single charge ($58,

5. WhiteFang Skateboard

Available in five designs.

Make the summer before high school a bit more exciting for them with this gift. The durable, beginner-friendly board will get them outside and challenge them to perfect their riding abilities ($34,

6. Intex Watermelon Inflatable Island

Water required. Shades optional.

This sweet slice of watermelon isn’t just a fun pool accessory—it’s the perfect way for your teen to pose with her friends for the ‘gram ($40,

7. UBeesize Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder

You’ll want to borrow it for your Zoom calls.

If your budding beauty vlogger or TikTok comedian has been begging for a ring light, this is the model they need. It features a rotatable phone holder, extends from 17.5 to 51 inches and provides three lighting options: warm, cool or day. They’ll be making enough money to cover their college fund in no time ($30,

8. LBell Wakeup Light

They can set the light to one of seven shades.

No one likes to start their day with a shock. This alarm clock acts as a sunlight simulator, gently nudging them awake by slowly brightening up the room. But don’t worry—an actual alarm still goes off at the end ($34,

9. Rocketbook Core

Once the whole page is filled, they can wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Running out of paper is never an issue with this 32-page notebook. When your middle school grad writes in it with any Pilot Frixion pen, marker or highlighter (there’s one included), and then takes a cell phone snapshot, all the notes get saved to a cloud service like Google Drive in seconds ($34,

10. Original Sugarwish

There are over 80 candies offered, including gummy bears and jelly beans.

Going the sweet-treat route? Make sure you really get it right with the help of Sugarwish. The company sends gift boxes with small quantities of different candies. Just let them know how many kinds to send, and they’ll email your grad for specifics. In a short amount of time, the candies will arrive—in super-cute packaging, of course (starting at $20 for two types,

11. Sphero Bolt App-Enabled Robot

Made with a scratch-resistant shell, this device will still look great even after hours of play.

Teens will be endlessly entertained with BOLT. To drive this robotic ball, they’ll have to code via drawing, using Scratch blocks or writing JavaScript on the Sphero Edu app. As they get comfier with programming, they can test out more complex commands ($150,

12. Canyoze Screen Magnifier

If you have trouble reading text on tiny screens, you’ll probably want one for yourself.

This makes watching videos from a cell phone much easier on the eyes. The screen magnifies images three times larger ($10,

13. Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

This game is still loved by many.

This classic gift is both an activity and room decor. You’ll be happy too; the pieces won’t damage your walls or send your kid to the emergency room ($30,

14. Vlando Travel Organizer

This can fit jewelry or hair accessories.

Give her necklaces, rings and earrings a safe home inside this organizer, which is cute enough to be displayed 24-7 on her dresser ($13,


Have them bring this when you go to the park together.

Capturing amazing aerial shots of the outdoors is totally doable with this drone. The live video function of the gadget’s accompanying app lets your grad view exactly what the camera is seeing as the drone flies above ($60,

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