Thank You!

I was just informed that I have 502 followers. I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to read my blog posts. I truly appreciate it! I started this blog as a way for me to help and inform others, as well as myself. I never thought that I would reach this status. It may be nothing to some, but to me it is everything. It means I am doing what I set out to do and doing it correctly. I  can only hope that going forward I do not disappoint anyone, especially myself. Coming up with meaningful content is a difficult task as most would know.  I have met some great individuals through this platform, all of whom  I had the privilege of corresponding with, as well as enjoying their sites, insights, creativity, thoughts, and feelings. There is so much talent and creativity here and I love all of the variety it all brings. I wish you all great success with your goals and dreams. And I hope everyone that have read my blog posts has gotten something from each and every one of them.

Thank you, again and may God bless and keep you and your families all safely wrapped in his loving arms.

Peace and much love!



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Frankincense & Myrrh Essential Oil Benefits

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Do Unto Others


There are times in our strive to move up in the workplace when we can become overly anxious to make ourselves look good to those high powers, that we sometimes mistreat or disrespect others. Sometimes we do this without giving a second thought to how the other person or persons may feel, or it could be we are so used to behaving in this manner that we aren’t even aware that we act this way until it is brought to our attention on our own accord or by someone.

Take Rachel Douglas, a senior technical director at a high-profile tech firm located in San Jose California the capital of what’s known as “Silicon Valley.” Rachel is very bright, attractive, well liked and well known within the firm, and most admire her go-getter enthusiasm around the office. That is until it gets out of control. You see, Rachel has this terrible habit of when someone is speaking with someone especially if they are speaking with a higher up she interrupts. She does so, without excusing herself and totally disregards how the person she has cut-off may feel or how it makes her appear rude and disrespectful.

Well, one day Rachel was talking to the head of the organization in which she works, about a great idea she had regarding a large project she was the lead on. Rachel was articulating in her usual enthusiastic manner when suddenly the head of her organization’s boss (Gwen Taylor) came by wanting to speak with him and totally dismissed Rachel and her conversation and without excusing herself in the process. Of course, this made Rachel feel slightly disregarded by the incident, but what could she do except go on her merry way. The next day the same scenario happened to Rachel as she was trying to finish the conversation she was trying to start the day before. And again Rachel felt disregarded. Yet, after going back to her desk and thinking about the way Gwen had totally disregarded her and how it made her feel, Rachel had an epiphany and begin thinking about what Claire another employee at the firm had mentioned to Rachel how she felt when Rachel had interrupted her conversation with her boss just last week. Rachel now understood what and how Claire felt. Sometimes in life, we can become oblivious to the way we may treat others and we need an eye-opener before we can understand how our actions can make others feel.

The moral here is simply do unto others as you wish to be done unto you.

Dirty Little Secret!

Some Fall Cleaning To-Dos

A once-a-year massive spring clean may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’d rather break up the work, here are some ideas for sprucing up your space this fall. From updating your book collection to cleaning up outdoors, pick and choose from these eight to-dos to create a fall cleaning plan that works for you.

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Moving Forward with Forgiveness


I am sure most can remember a time when you were afraid of what someone might say, that you could not do what you needed to do. You may have thought about how upset they would be; how you might hurt their feelings; or how angry they would be. You may also have thought you would lose their love or respect. So in fear you did nothing. It is ridiculous to say we should not be concerned about the way our actions affect others. It is, however, equally ridiculous to make ourselves miserable, hold ourselves back, deny our own truth, just to make someone else happy. Therefore, to ease the stress in this type of experience is to forgive the person before you do or say anything. Yes, forgive them ahead of time for being angry or upset with you. Forgive them for anything they may say toward you out of anger. Forgive them for not honoring your needs or your truth. Once you have forgiven them, say what you must say and do what you must do.

Forgiveness should keep the channels of communication open. It can eliminate the stress and clarify the truth. When you honestly forgive it keeps you from being upset or derailed by the words or actions of another. Since you have already imagined the worst and forgiven it; there is no way you can be hurt or shocked by their outcome. The most important part of forgiving from the start is the realization that you cannot lose anyone’s love. Either they love you and honestly want you happy or they don’t! When all is said and done, you must now forgive yourself for believing that what you must do for you means you cannot be loved for doing it.


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