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12 Things We Need To Stop Wasting Time On


While out and about this weekend every which way I turned people had their heads down looking at their phones or chit chatting on their phones. I even saw couples shopping together or in their car and one is on the phone while the other is just…there. I think to myself what type of relationship is that when you have someone walking or sitting right beside you, but you are on your phone chatting away?  This got me to thinking about how much time we waste on things that aren’t important, and that is preventing us from spending quality time with each other.

Below is a list of 12 things we need to stop wasting time on and hopefully, they will make us think and start weeding out those things that are meaningless and start to pay attention to those things and people that are.

  1. Distractions that keep you from special moments with special people. – Pay attention to the little things, because when you really miss someone it’s the little things you miss the most, like just laughing together. Go for long walks.  Indulge in great conversations. Count the many things you have in common. Let go for a little while and just BE together.
  2. Comparing yourself to everyone else. – Social comparison is the thief of happiness. You can spend a lifetime worrying about what others have, but it won’t get you anything or anywhere.
  3. Thinking about who you were or what you had in the past. – Face it, you are not the same person you were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago. You are always growing. Experiences never stop. That’s a part of life.
  4. Worrying about the mistakes you’ve made. – It’s OK if you mess up; that’s how you become wiser. Give yourself a break and don’t give up. Great things take time, and you’re getting there. Let those mistakes be your motivation, not your excuses. Decide to not allow those negative experiences from your past predict your future.
  5. Selfdeception. – Your life will improve only when you take small chances. And the first and probably the most difficult chance you can take is, to be honest with yourself.
  6. Worrying about what everyone thinks and says about you. – People will talk about you whether you’re doing good or bad, so don’t take things too personally, even if it seems personal. Hardly ever do people do things because of you; they do things because of them. You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react and who you choose to be around.
  7. A life path that doesn’t feel right. – Life is to be enjoyed, not endured. When you truly believe in what you’re doing, it shows, and it pays. You simply can’t base your idea of success and happiness on other people’s opinions and expectations. Success in life is for those who are excited about where they are going. It’s about walking comfortably in your own shoes, in the directions of YOUR dreams.
  8. Band-Aids and temporary fixes. – You can’t change what you refuse to confront. Yes, the truth does hurt, but you can’t find peace by avoiding things. Deal with problems directly before they deal with your happiness.
  9. Those who use or manipulate you. – What you allow is what will continue. Give as much as you can, but don’t allow yourself to be used. Listen to others, but don’t lose your own voice in the process.
  10. Trying to impress everyone. – One of the most freeing things we can learn in life is that we don’t have to like everyone and everyone doesn’t have to like us, and it is perfectly ALRIGHT. No matter how you live your life someone will be disappointed. So just live your truth and be sure YOU aren’t the one who is disappointed in the end.
  11. Close-minded judgments. – There’s been a lot of this lately. We need to open our minds before we open our mouths. Don’t hate what you don’t know. The mind is like a parachute; it doesn’t work when it’s closed. And treat everyone with respect and kindness, even those that are rude to you – not because they are nice, but because you are. It is what makes life happier and more fulling in the long run.
  12. Fears that are holding you back. – Fear is a feeling, not a fact. The best way to gain strength and self-confidence is to do what you’re afraid to do. Dare to change and grow. In the end, there is only one thing that makes a dream completely impossible to achieve: Lack of action based on the fear of failure.

7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home for Less Than $40

I don’t know about you but my house is looking a little rough around the edges after a long winter. I’ll be trying some of these low-cost ways to make a fresh start where needed. Maybe you can also use some of these low-cost items to brighten up your humble abode.

All of these items are on Amazon.com and has at least four stars from reviewers. However, it’s suggested you compare prices around the web to make sure you’re getting the best discount.

Also, note that although prices you see here will almost always be accurate, they do sometimes differ slightly from what you will find at Amazon.


  1. Peel-and-stick backsplash

A new backsplash can instantly give your kitchen a renewed lease on life. If you’ve hesitated to undertake such a project in the past, Longking’s Peel-and-Stick Tile Backsplash can make this tough job easy.

You get 10 sheets of 11.8-by-11.8-inch tile that you simply peel and stick. This project involves no mess, and you won’t need to use grout or special tools.

$39.90 20% off $31.99

stainless steel

  1. DIY stainless steel kit

Want stainless steel appliances without the expensive cost? The Liquid Stainless Steel Range and Dishwasher Kit allows you to “brush on” that trendy finish to a range or dishwasher.

Made of 100 percent stainless steel, the liquid comes as part of a kit that includes all the tools you need. The finish will hold magnets, according to the manufacturer. It also can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prime $24.95

door paint

  1. Front-door paint

Make a statement to everyone who visits your home by transforming your front door with Modern Masters Satin Front Door Paint.

Available in two dozen colors, this paint has Never-Fade technology to keep the hues vibrant. The paint requires a two-coat application, but has a quick-dry formula that promises to dry the same day you paint.

$41.95 21% off $33.02

window film

  1. Decorative window film

Looking for privacy on the cheap? Coavas Decorative Non Adhesive Static Cling Window Film allows you to beautify your windows without having to use adhesives or glue.

Simply apply it with water, and you will add some pizzazz to your windows that also helps block the sun.

Prime $10.89 27% off $7.99

handle pulls

  1. Drawer handle pulls

As any real estate agent will tell you, changing simple things like drawer handles is an easy way to update your home for a budget price. A 10-pack of Cosmas Satin Nickel Drawer Handle Pulls is an affordable way to bring your kitchen or bathroom back to life.

Prime $24.95

shower head

  1. Water-saving shower head

Each time you start to run a shower, you have to stand around waiting for the water to heat up. But the Evolve High Pressure Shower Head from ShowerStart promises to end that delay.

With this device, you turn on the water, and it runs until the cold water runs out. Once the water temperature reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit, the water slows to a trickle.

The water waits until you pull the cord. You can do other tasks — such as shaving or brushing your teeth — and step into the shower when ready, knowing the water will be warm.

Prime $39.84

tub refinishing

  1. Tub refinishing kit

If your tub is looking a little grungy, pep it up with the Rust-Oleum 2-Part Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit.

With this kit, you can prepare the surface and paint the same day. The two-part epoxy acrylic formula fights moisture and resists corrosion.

Prime $28.24

Never Apologize For How You Feel

feeling sad

Spring Checklist: Freshen Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Time to pack away the winter coats spring is finally here! With this checklist as your guide, help your home burst into spring with a curb appeal makeover. Pick as few (or as many) tasks as you want to tackle, from porch swings to plantings, and your home will be looking its best before you can say “baseball season.”

1. Enhance the front door. The front door should be your home’s exterior focal point — ramp up the appeal by painting it a rich hue, updating door hardware or adding a new knocker. For a seasonal touch, hang a spring wreath or craft your own eclectic one using gardening tools, as these creative homeowners did.house2

2. Add plantings on the street side of your fence. Remember, curb appeal starts at the curb — so instead of just planting inside the border of your fence or stone wall, plant perennials and spring bulbs just outside it as well. The extra layer of foliage and color will create a sense of depth, making your front yard appear larger. If you don’t have a fence, planting perennials in the hell strip between the curb and sidewalk can have a similar effect.

3. Check that house numbers are easily visible. Go across the street from your home to get a better idea of how easy it is to find your house numbers. Large house numbers in a clear font are the easiest to read from a distance. Place them where they are not blocked by trees or porch railings, and position the numbers horizontally rather than vertically if possible — they’re easier to read that way. Ideally, place house numbers beneath a porch lamp or landscape light, where they will be illuminated in the evening.

4. Group pots of flowers on the porch. They’re beautiful and as easy as can be to add. Cluster three pots in various sizes on your front porch or stairs, and fill them with blooming spring flowers.

 5Carve out space for front-yard living. If you’re blessed with a deep front yard but find you rarely use it, consider whether it would be better put to work as a fun and functional hangout zone. A bench curved around an outdoor fireplace is sure to become a favorite gathering place for friends and neighbors — but even a simple garden bench (minus the fireplace) can be a welcome addition.


6. Care for grass and mulch flower beds. If you have a lawn, early spring is a good time to reseed or add sod if it looks like it’s coming back patchy. Mulch flower beds with a natural mulch to help the soil retain moisture and give the beds a finished look.

7. Check the condition of the roof. If you notice spacing or curling at the edges of shingles or crumbling bits, it’s time to have a pro roofer take a look. If you need a new roof (or a second layer of shingles), check references and get at least three competing estimates before hiring a pro for the job.

8. Clean windows and siding. Give your siding a fresh start this spring by washing off the dirt, road salt and cobwebs using a power washer or a regular hose with washing attachment. A hose with a window washing attachment can get windows shiny and clean. Just remember to clean inside windows too for the most sparkle.

9. Plant flowers with a fragrance you love. Even though you can’t see it, fragrance can have a big impact on a person’s experience of walking up to your home — and of course it will make your own walk up the front path more pleasant! Consider fragrant roses, lilacs, honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender or even fresh herbs, like rosemary.

10. Check the condition of the garage and driveway. The garage and driveway often take up a lot of visual real estate in the front of a house, so problems here can seriously detract from curb appeal. Have any driveway cracks repaired and freshen up the garage with a coat of paint, sconce lighting and flower boxes.

11. Consider an alternate approach to the front door. If your home’s walkway is a straight line from the sidewalk to the front door, you may be missing out on a (relatively) easy curb appeal enhancement: the curving path. Even a slight curve in a front walk helps move the eye through the landscape, making the front yard seem more spacious and thoughtful.

12. Hang a porch swing. There is something that says home about the sight of a crisp white porch swing. If you rent your home and can’t install a swing, go with a glider or rocking chairs instead for a similar effect. Now just imagine sitting out on your porch on a summer evening, rocking, swinging or gliding your cares away.


13. Upgrade night lighting. In the evening a well-lit porch is welcoming to come home to and more fun to hang out on, and makes the space look bigger. If your porch has a single porch light, consider hiring an electrician to install one or two additional lights. For instance, if your porch has a single overhead fixture, add a pair of sconce lights flanking the door. If you have a long pathway leading to your door, consider adding landscape lighting as well — your guests will thank you.

photos from Houzz.com


Jack Canfield’s 6 Daily Gratitude Habits

Jack Canfield, for those of you that aren’t familiar with the name, is one of the founders of those great inspirational short story book series titled “Chicken Soup For The Soul”.

15 Things To Do If You Suddenly Got Rich

WOW! The Powerball is worth $750 million dollars. What would you do if you won? And if you are the big winner, congratulations! So that you don’t go broke like tons of lottery winners have in the past, here’s a video that can give you 15 tips on what to do if you suddenly got rich. They even suggest books to read to help you invest in yourself like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which is a great book full of lessons. 

6 Ways To Declutter Your Mind


Spring has finally arrived and it is time to do some spring cleaning by decluttering our lives. First, we must start by decluttering our minds so that we can be more productive and function properly from day to day. Here are 6 ways that can help in decluttering your mind.

  • Meditation – having quiet alone time is very important for our mindset. It feels great to just sit still and relax your body and mind by thinking of only positive vibes. You can meditate however you like. Whether it’s sitting in a quiet area of your home reading your bible, or just sitting in your quiet space alone and peaceful. Pushing all your problems or worries away and just sit quietly listening to nothing but your breathing rhythm. There are also apps you can use such as “HEADSPACE”, which has a large variety of auto tapes that you can listen to that helps you to relax and declutter your mind from all the negative or busy thoughts and focus on the present. The here and now.
  • Hot Tea – I like to start my day with a good cup of coffee, but drinking a nice hot cup of tea is always relaxing. With all the various flavors and aromas to choose from it would not be hard to find something you can like to just sit back and enjoy the moment with.
  • Move Your Body – Most of us hate to exercise and feel it to be such a chore, but if you really think about it when you take time to exercise you feel so much better and your body feels energized. Exercise also helps to deter you from thinking about all the things you need to accomplish, any stress or anxiety you may be caring around because you would be too busy focusing on the exercise goal you are trying to reach. Exercise truly does the body good.
  • Resting – Sleep is not only important for your total well-being, but you are not thinking while you’re sleeping, therefore it causes your relaxation. Naps are also great to take as well, just to be able to rest your brain and get into your unconscious state. Sleep is very much needed for our all-around health.
  • Organize and Clean Your Space – I don’t know about you, but when I am not in an organized or clean space I cannot focus on whatever task I am trying to accomplish because I am too busy thinking about I need to clean up the mess around me. When you have a clean and organized space it makes life easier to deal with. Not only is your space clean and clutter free, but your mind is clutter free as well.
  • Keep a Journal – Journaling is great! When you are able to get all your thoughts out of your head and onto paper it helps to clear your mind. It is also great to go back and read what you may have written in your journal to see what progress you have made and how you went about to resolve the issues and if the issues were worth thinking about in the first place. Journaling is not just relaxing, but it can also be very eye-opening as well.


Photo by – Joshua Coleman/Unsplash.com

(One of the great puzzles of life is where to find love and honestly, it is all around us. When you take time to discover yourself and all of your unimaginable capabilities, you figure out how to share it with the world around you.)

7 Things You Should Never Apologize For

Take Time to Chill Out


We are living in a “gotta keep up, gotta keep moving” era. Do you find yourself living like a sheep, following the flock because you are afraid of not keeping up or not being good enough? When what you should be doing is reflecting on the kind of life you truly want and then set your priorities. After hearing about the recent college scam scandals that have been all over the news lately, it makes me wonder. Are folks still buying into peer pressure? It seems a little ridiculous once you leave high school and college, yet people are still buying into it without even realizing it.

Rarely do we stop and ask ourselves “Is this what I really want?” Or if so, why do we want it? No, instead we add more and more onto our plates until our schedules are over flowing way too much. I am sure we have all heard parents complaining about being a chauffeur to their children, spending a ton of hours driving them around from one activity to another. Yet, aren’t we the ones in control of our calendars and schedules? Are we really spending any ‘quality” family time at home? If most of us are truly honest with ourselves we would realize that we are just placing our children in countless activities just to keep up with everyone else. Because we fear that if our children are not doing what everyone else is doing they won’t measure up. They won’t have the same opportunities as other children or that we are terrible parents if we don’t keep them active. Yet, all we are really doing is setting our children up to run around with full schedules just like ours with their childhood being one gigantic blur.

What happened to just “chilling out?” Growing up I remember us children having a great time using our imaginations. We played out doors and created our own outdoor games and they were fun too. Even school is hectic now-days. Children have back packs that are filled to the brim with homework assignments, that don’t allow them to even get a break once they get home or spend enough quality family time because it needs to be all done by the next day. By the time homework is done, it is dinner, bath and bed. What a life! We should want our children to grow up saying “Being a kid was great?” oppose to not remembering their childhood.

My children now adults, but during some of our rap sessions we talk about my childhood and the games we played and created and they get a kick out of hearing it and I am glad to have something to share. We had this one game we all played on hot summer nights. We would sit on the front porch and as we hear cars approaching we would yell “My car!” and if the car was nice those of us that yelled “My car” would be so excited, but if the car was busted everyone had a good laugh” that took so little effort but was really fun. But, what made it really fun was that we were all together having a good time.

So do you wonder if we are doing too much? Are parents and children under too much pressure? Are all those extra activities really benefiting us or our children in the long run? Or is it all placing a big burden on us? Why not just live our lives like we want without trying to keep up with what everyone else is or not doing. Have our own values. It will take a great ton of weight off of not just your shoulders, but you and your family’s minds as well. Trust me it will be all worth it to just take some time and just CHILL OUT!

Photo by: Steven Diaz/Unsplash.com

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