Only You Can Make You Happy

Being happy, the feeling we all want to feel, yet we look to others or material objects to give us that feeling. Have you ever thought about what will make you happy? I mean really thought about it? I am not talking about having a whole lot of money, or driving the hottest car, or living in the biggest house, or having designer gear, or breaking the record on Facebook for having the most friends kind of happy. No, I mean have you really sat alone with yourself and your thoughts and thought about what it will take to really make you happy?

You do realize, don’t you, that you are the only one that can make you happy? Then why is it you look to others or things to make you feel validated? Happiness starts within you! Yes, you are worthy of happiness. God wants you to be happy, it pleases him when you are happy, but on your terms not on anyone else’s terms. Usually, when you are doing things to please others you are pleasing them, making them happy, not yourself.

Like the time you may have hung out with a group of friends, when you really wanted to stay at home and chill or do something on your own. Some of you stay in relationships, because you are afraid to be alone and becoming unhappy. The irony there is, you’re just pretending to be happy when deep down you’re really sad and unhappy. I get it, we all want to be loved, but not to the point where you lose yourself in the process. I know you get tired of hearing that old cliché, “You have to love yourself, before you can love anyone else.” Yet, that is so true.

If you don’t love yourself that only means you have no respect for yourself and you have no concerns for your own well-being. You will allow others to walk all over you. And if you don’t respect or have no concerns for your own well-being, why should anyone else?

  • They will start making decisions for you.
  • They’ll start telling you what to wear, based on what they like, not what you like or feel comfortable in.
  • They’ll start telling you what to eat or not to eat, based on what they like and don’t like to eat.
  • They’ll even start telling you who you can or who you should no longer be friends with.

When you allow others to determine what makes you happy, you are giving them complete control over your life…OVER YOU. You need to take back the control and start taking stock in your life and what makes you happy. Take some time out to get to know yourself and think about what you need to do to make you happy, even if it involves sitting around doing nothing. If doing nothing makes you happy, then go for it! Once you figure out what makes you happy, you will start doing things and being around people that allow you to be happy.

  • You will make your own decisions.
  • You will wear what you like and what makes you happy when you put it on.
  • You will eat whatever you like.
  • You will befriend the right people into your life.

Loving your WHOLE self is a beautiful thing. You see, when you love who you are completely, then that love that we all are in search of and craving to have will be able to find you. It will be the love that allow you to be who you really are without ever trying to change you or sway you into being someone you’re not, because being you…happy, will make them happy too.



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