Never Undervalue Others

Sometimes people can be really selfish and not so compassionate toward their fellow-man. But, what they don’t seem to realize is that, those they ignore now, they may need later.

On the 25th floor of Gains Insurance Company, sat Hollie Atkins, a real go getter and a high achiever who when dealing with her counterparts could be very ruthless. She had a very negative attitude toward anyone that was not on her level of success. Now, I am not saying Hollie didn’t know her stuff, because she did, nor am I saying she was not a hard worker; because she worked her butt off. Yet, Hollie was not very compassionate toward others. I guess you could call her…selfish.

Hollie worked a lot of late nights, which left her and the cleaning people at the end of most work days. One cleaning lady in particular was Ella Johnson.  Ella was responsible for the 25th floor. Her job consisted of dumping the waste baskets of each employee and to dust off their desk. Ella was an older woman, friendly and always bragged about being a Christian. She wasn’t very intellectual, but she was respectful, pleasant and did her job well. Every night she would say hello to Hollie as she emptied her wastebasket, but Hollie never replied. It was as if Ella was invisible.

One night as Hollie was leaving the office, her heel got caught into the crack of the elevator doors and because she had twisted her foot in the process, she could not get her foot out of her shoe. There she was lying on the corridor carpet, elevator doors opening and closing on her legs, helpless with no one around; no one that is except for Ella the cleaning lady. Hollie was yelling and crying, but no one heard her cries for help. The guards in the building were on their break and Ella had the vacuum on and was unable to hear Hollie’s cry for help. To Hollie it seemed as though hours had passed, before anyone came to her rescue. Ella turned off the vacuum and went to gather the trash to take out to the bins. As she was walking to open the door she heard crying. She went out to see who it was, then found Hollie lying in the corridor with her foot twisted and legs badly bruised from the banging of the elevator doors. Hollie looked up to see Ella and held out her hand asking for help. “Please, help me!” Of course Ella stood there for a moment and says to Hollie, “Oh, so now you speak to me, huh?” Ella just stood there for a second looking at Hollie, but with her being a Christian and all, she couldn’t just let her lay there and not do anything to help. So, Ella went back inside to call 911, then stayed with Hollie until help arrived.

In life you will come across those that undervalue you. It is not really much you can do about that.  As people we can sometimes be selfish, yet may not always have cruel intentions. Sometimes people don’t see other people as they should, especially, until they need to see them a certain way. Not everyone is compassionate. Maybe growing up they were never taught how to be compassionate toward others, or they just choose not to care about anyone other than themselves. However, you can not allow another person selfish ways, sway you from being a compassionate and caring person. You have to stand your ground on who you are as a person and sometimes be an example to others through your actions. If you allow another person to stop you from being the great person you are trying to become, then you are only allowing them to win! So, always remember they may ignore you now, but if you stay true to your beliefs and true to yourself, they will end up needing you later.


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  1. Wise words

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