Stop Trying to Fight Your Way to the Top

If you have a good, healthy sense of worth, you can value other people. You have the common sense to realize that as people we are different and you also understand that people see things and interpret things in different ways. You don’t try to compare yourself to them nor do you feel the need to compete with them. You know actually who you are, which also means you accept others for who they are.

However, if you don’t have a good, healthy sense of worth, you always feel the need to win every argument. You feel the need to always prove your point. You are clearly threatened by differences. You need others to be in agreement with your views, values and opinions in order for you to feel some sense of support or acknowledgement. When you are not sure that you are good enough, you will do your best to prove that you are better than someone else. And since you don’t have enough of your own self-worth to draw upon, you will set out to destroy the worth of those you feel are a threat toward you.

If you ever find yourself on the attack, realize you are experiencing a sense of feeling less than or not as good as. When you feel you have to tear someone else down just to prove a point, this is when you should begin to realize you have just lost your grounding. You are no longer centered with yourself. By no means am I speaking of disagreement, which is totally different from an attack! When you call someone out, when you criticize their physical being, their talents, gifts or efforts, believing that their inability to agree with you somehow makes you wrong, that is when you need to realize you have just lost it! Honey, you have just lost your sense of worth.

Maybe you don’t realize you attack, criticize or tear people down whenever they don’t agree with you. Maybe you need to learn how to draw on your own strengths of who you are. If you are faced with a different point of view, allow yourself and others to simply be different. Stop fighting your way to the top and learn to embrace others differences and understand that just because they have differences this does not make you wrong!


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