Making Up My Own Mind

You should never allow others to make decisions for you unless you are sure you can live up to them. Not too many things will destroy your self-worth more than doing something just because someone else wants you to do it.

When you allow others to decide who you are, what you can do or how you should proceed in your life, you are opening up for powerlessness and worthlessness. Yet, if you feel either of the two for too long, you will start to believe them to be true about yourself.

There is a difference in cooperation and coercion. When you are cooperating, you are mingling your thoughts, choices, needs and desires with others. You are standing on the truth of who you are and what you desire to experience. When you are being coerced, you are only going along to keep the peace. When you are coerced, you are just going along to avoid confrontation. You go along, because you fear retaliation. You go along rather than take responsibility for your own choices or the fulfillment of your own needs. Coercion leads you to believe that someone else knows more about you than you do!

For your own best interest and in order to escape the trap of coercion, you must believe that what you feel about yourself is valuable to you. Be willing to take a risk, because when you believe in yourself enough to take a risk, you will stop letting others make decisions for you.

You may have always gone along with the plans other people have for your life. Let this be the start of you making the decision to run your own life. Then once you do, let everyone know.


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