I Didn’t See the Sign

Have you ever put your trust in someone only to find out they are untrustworthy? Afterwards, you are hurt and disappointed. And probably madder than a driver with road rage! Then after you’ve had time to sit and analyze the situation, you start to ask yourself am I mad at the person or at myself for trusting them? The answer will most likely be that you are mad at yourself.

It is so easy for us to open ourselves up to someone and expect them to act accordingly. When they don’t, we start to think we should have known better. However, while we were busy trusting them, we forgot to trust ourselves! And when this happens we feel, let’s use the word, stupid. But, rather than admit that we feel stupid, we put the blame on the other person, because it is much easier to be mad at someone else, than to walk around feeling stupid. That is why there is always a lesson to be learned from being betrayed. The first lesson is to learn to trust ourselves.

See, we have to go back to the beginning of what took place and ask ourselves some serious questions. Did you miss a sign? Did you ignore a signal? Did you see a little glimpse of untrustworthiness, but ignored it by calling it something else? If you can answer yes to those questions, then that is why you feel stupid. As you go forward the actions of another person is to help remind you not to do that again!

You may be mad at someone who betrayed you, but the truth is you really betrayed yourself. Let’s try something that can help you be more careful the next time. Think back on everything that occurred, and then ask yourself: When did I first notice the signs? Why did I ignore the signs? What was I really trying to do? Then remember what you saw and felt. Next time, you will be able to trust yourself to not ignore the signs!



    • Thank you, for reading my post. I appreciate it.

  1. Every time I ignore my gut-feel I get burnt! Good post.

  2. So true. The Betrayer lives in all of us and every time we ignore a gut instinct we betray our Self. Learning to feel/hear and acknowledge and act on our instincts is the first and strongest defence against betrayal….our own and others against us. Forgiveness grows from this….
    Thank you for your post.

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