What Will You Leave Behind?

Aside from wealth what is it that you can leave behind? Many people work to attain material wealth and then once you achieve it, you must struggle and work hard to maintain and protect what you have attained. Yet, in the midst of it all you can lose sight of the fact that all that material stuff will not go with you when you are no longer on this earth, but be left behind for loved ones to struggle to maintain and protect and sometimes fight over the wealthy possessions you left behind.

No one is thinking about all the mental and emotional discord that you may have gone through struggling to achieve all that legacy of wealth you are leaving them with. Instead many times you have families falling apart due to fights over who’s getting which piece of the wealthy pie that the loving family member left to be divided among them.

Have you ever thought of leaving instead a legacy of how you lived your life? Leave each family member with a possession that would be with them forever, even when they are no longer here themselves. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that inherited material possessions are not a good thing to leave your loved ones. We all want those we leave behind to be able to live comfortably without having to struggle too much, and to have some type of material wealth, but there are also other things equally important and even more fulfilling that will last much longer that you can leave in memory of you.

The last funeral I attended this year was that of an uncle. He was not rich or wealthy financially. I mean I am sure he made sure his wife, children and grandchildren well taken care for. But, he was filthy rich and wealthy in love, character, knowledge and in his spirit and I can say this not only because I knew him as a person, but when his grandchildren spoke of him during his eulogy, they confirmed it.

It is not often that you hear young adult or teen grandchildren speak at someone’s eulogy and they really blew me away with the way they conveyed to the congregation of what their grandfather left them with. They spoke of how he left them with the knowledge of knowing how to treat others, how to live life to the fullest, how they will have to work hard to obtain their goals, how to follow their dreams and what they are passionate about and most importantly, how to be true to themselves and how to be good men to themselves and loved ones. I don’t know if it’s the intensity of my personality or what, but I love reading or hearing anyone speak with real honesty, meaning, substance and conviction. I must say, it was a very touching and emotional moment, for me as well as, others around me.

Who wouldn’t want to be remembered in such a way that everything they ever taught, spoke or done in their life leaves an impact on those they love and especially those of the younger generation? Wouldn’t it be more meaningful for you to know that although you are no longer here on earth, you can be sure that you left your mark on the world in some form and your legacy was your influence, what you taught and what you believed in will still be carried on for years to come from generation, to generation?

So, have you thought about, what you’re going to leave behind?


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