Be Free

Can you remember when you were a little child you would play alone in your room and talk to yourself? I mean you would hold whole conversations with yourself without a care. If you’re an only child you can totally relate to what I am talking about. If you have children or have watched a child alone at play, you can also relate to what I am saying here. Children are so full of lovely innocence. They have no inhibitions, nothing to hide from themselves or anyone else and seem to rise above the cares of the world. Children don’t mind being alone with their thoughts or fantasies. They have wonderfully vivid imaginations and they have nothing to prove and no one to satisfy other than themselves.

Wouldn’t you like to be free? Well, you can be, just do as children do. I am not saying everyday do as children do, but how about for one day live as if you were a child. That’s right, live your life as if no one is watching you. Can you imagine how much fun that would be? Below are a few ways you can live for one day as if you were a child.

    • Live from your innocence (be totally oblivious to a few things)

    • Go outside and splash in rain puddles or play in snow like no one is watching

    • Play your favorite song and sing as if no one is listening

    • Talk to yourself (it’s ok, no one is watching, remember)

    • Jump up and down on your bed and if you have children jump on their beds too

    • Play dress up

    • Allow yourself to be exactly who you are and act like it is ok…because it truly is.

You probably think for some reason you can’t do certain things or you have no right to do certain things. Why not allow yourself to be child like for a day. Come on let your hair down, do something totally unpredictable. Most of all BE FRreeeeeeeeeeee.   


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