Friends with Benefits

Friends, we all have them and they come in many variations. The friends I am talking about are not those people who befriend you on Facebook, for the simple reason not everyone that befriends you on Facebook is really your friend. I mean, half of those people you may not even know, but I sure you knew that, right? I am speaking of those people who you grew up with, went to school, work with and may even be a family member. Those are the friends I’m talking about. I can count on one hand those I consider my true friend. I have certain friends I can call upon for certain needs in my life and that is good enough for me. I don’t need a slew of friends to make me feel special nor do I need to be popular. Because guess what? Not everyone you call your friend is really your friend.

However, we all should have a variety of friend types in our lives, even if you just have two friends in life, they should be two different types of friends, because no one person can be all things for us, just as we cannot be all things for others. However, the kind of friend we want in our lives, we should be that for our friends as well. Friendships can be tricky as can any relationship. But, like any relationship they can be wonderful, if everyone involved puts in the work.

A true friend is someone who sticks by you when you are down and celebrates you when you are up. It’s someone who understands you, knows the real you and appreciates the person you are. I am a very loyal friend. I love those I consider my friends and even if we don’t speak or see each other for months or years even, unless I tell you otherwise, I will always be there for you. I am truly that ride and die chic kind of friend. Below are a few variations of friend types you may have also encountered.

  •  The Casual Friend: the friend that you meet up with once in a while. You might go to lunch or dinner together and catch up on the latest news or gossip. You both like each other as people and enjoy each others company, but you are not best friends.
  •  The Situational Friend: the friend that you see often and you have tons of fun together. At times you may even share disappointments. However, if either of you move away or  something in life changes, you do not stay in touch. May also be called a location-based friend.
  •  The Best Friend: the friend that understands you like no one else does. They know the real you. They are the friend you can call when you are in trouble and need bailing out. They are the one you can totally rely upon. They will never betray you and you are in each others lives because you deeply care about each other. You realize you will not meet too many people of this type and therefore you cherish this friendship.

Sometimes friendships fall apart or friends out grow one another and that can happen if you don’t spend time together, have fun with one another or if you never talk. I mean real talk, about your lives, your goals, your dreams and whatever is going on in each other lives, of course if you never do these things your friendship will suffer.

So, what type of benefits do your friends bring to the table?


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