Handling Intruders

An Intruder attempts to gain unauthorized access to cause damage

My first encounter with an intruder was when I was seven years old. As an only child I was distraught after my mother had an accident where she fell and damaged her spinal cord. This left her paralyzed from the waist down. That particular intruder changed both our lives forever. Years had passed and I was an adult. Then after almost eleven years of marriage and becoming divorced with children of my own an intruder struck my mom once again, but this time in the form of breast cancer. I must say, my mom was one strong and brave woman. With her being paralyzed she was unable to have chemo due to the fact that it made some people really ill and with her being unable to get up and run to the toilet every time she would fill sick, chemo was not an option. So, they removed all the cancer, but took one of her boobies along for the ride. I didn’t know how she would handle that, since her boobies were her girls! I would call her Dolly Parton’s clone and she loved it. But, she took it like a pure champion. She never complained and I mean not once! After surviving cancer, who would think anything else would go wrong. I mean she was no longer a spring chicken. Yet, it seems as though my mom could not catch a break, because another intruder gained unauthorized access to her body, but this time in the form of dementia. That I have to say for me was the worse of the intruders. It was hard for me because it was eating away at her memory, slowly yet, surely. It was hard on my children because she began to not recognize or remember who they were. Although, they were adults it was still a very sad experience to go through. She would put up a good front in the beginning, but as the intruder maneuvered viciously through her memory bank, she slowly began to deteriorate. She passed away in 2009 and can now rest in peace without the worries of anymore intruders.

 An intruder can appear in various formations. It can appear in the form of a person, an illness, an addiction or in the form of a storm like Hurricane Sandy. Some of you reading this may have experienced the recent aftermath of the horrific intruder called Hurricane Sandy, or Irene and let’s not forget the sneaky intruder that appeared last October that ruined not just Halloween for so many children, but caused major damage and lengthy clean-up for myself and others. The thing about these various types of intruders is that most of them sneak up on you catching you totally off guard and then again there are some intruders you are aware of, but for some reason you don’t get the help needed to get rid of it, so it continues to pick at you day after day intruding your life making you miserable.

I am telling you today that you can get rid of those nasty intruders, by not allowing whatever damage they cause to eat at you. Sure it will be hard, but in all honesty if the intruders that are intruding your life are those you can’t prevent, what can you really do about it? Not very much can you? However, you can stay in prayer for yourself and for others. Maybe you are not a spiritual person or you may think you don’t know how to pray or that God is not listening to you. But, believe me he is listening. And remember he works on his own time-table not ours. So, it is best not to try to take certain matters into your own hands. God has been with me since I was seven and I know this because trust me when I say, you don’t know my story and  I could not have gotten through anything in my life if he wasn’t with me. It don’t take much to form a relationship with God. It is just like any other relationship, except you can really trust and believe his word, his word is totally bond. So, when you find yourself in need of help just have a private conversation with God and I promise you he will get you through everything and anything you are dealing with. You just have to have the faith and believe his words of promise. Please know, that all of you that have been affected by the intruder named Sandy, I am praying for you and your family’s safety and if it’s needed your ability to rebuild bigger and better than before. Please stay in faith and believe you are not alone.


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