As I was watching this program called Chicagolicious on the Style network, it’s a spinoff of the show Jerseylicious.

The series follows AJ Johnson, owner of a thriving salon in Chicago, and his staff of hair stylists and makeup artists as they service elite clientele and solidify their place in Chicago society. Macray Huff, a full stylist and has expertise with extensions is gay and he wants to tell his family, but don’t quite know how to tell his mother. It’s a secret he’s been carrying around for the past 30 years.

Well, when his mother came up from Alabama to visit him, he finally got up the nerve to tell her his secret. She and Macray are very close, so when he told her she was naturally upset, but because of her love for him she got over it and supported him. That was a very emotional episode. Just watching the turmoil he was going through, wondering if he would still be loved and excepted by his family was very heartfelt.

Watching that made me think about secrets and how they can really do a number on your heart, soul and mind. I mean there are some secrets that can really cause you to get sick. Just imagine having so much going on inside that you need to let out, but you are not sure if you can or if you should. Who you should confide in and who you should not. Maybe you should just go to the gym and work it out, go for a walk and walk it off, call a help line or a prayer line. You need to let someone know because that secret is eating you alive.

All of us come to that point when we must trust someone enough to open ourselves up for review and examination. It’s not easy! It will surely be a challenge to have to admit or acknowledge your own faults. It is also difficult to accept that we have made some costly mistakes, poor decisions and bad choices. It starts to seem as though we don’t want anyone to know that we are human. But we are. The truth is we cannot hide what we feel forever, eventually for our own well-being we have to find some way to open up and let someone know what is going on inside.

Maybe you are holding on to secret thoughts or feelings. Maybe you are afraid to open yourself up to being examined or the scrutiny of others. But, it just may be the time for you to be willing to release all that is stored in your heart and mind that is causing you so much discomfort. When you don’t open up, you only set yourself up to explode! Allow today be the day you open yourself and your heart in order to get the relief you need.


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