My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! Not only do I love the turkey, dressing and all the other goodies that are associated with this very special holiday, but I love the representation or at least what I feel Thanksgiving represents, which is being thankful for all that you have and giving to others.

On Thanksgiving Day, when my children were small I would take them to food shelters to help serve those less fortune than them. I wanted to show them how blessed they were and to not take anything for granted, by giving them a real life visual of what it would be like if they had no food everyday or a home to go home to, especially on holidays. This taught them to be thankful for all they have and not to complain when they don’t have everything they think they need or may want. Because the reality is, that in life you will not always be able to get what you want and everything you want is not always what you need.

I must say, by doing that as well as having serious life conversations with my children while their brains were like sponges has really helped mold them into the wonderful young men they are today. They never complained when younger and if they weren’t able to get something, they would save up their allowance until they could or did without. Today, they are well-rounded individuals who know the importance of helping others and do so, with much compassion and heart. I am very proud of them for being who they are.

It is so important that we not take everything we have for granted. I will never forget last October we had a major snow storm that wiped out homes, knocked down trees and left tons of folks, including yours truly without power or heat for days and some for weeks. That was a wonderful lesson of survival and of being grateful. With all the trees that fell down in my neighborhood, not one home or car was damaged from the havoc of the storm, which was something to truly be thankful for. It also taught people to help others in their time of need, seeing people helping each other clean up was a wonderful sight. We may have been in the dark and very cold for weeks, but we all survived the outcome and I think a lot of people realized the importance of coming together and what is really important in life.

Entering upon this wonderful Holiday of Thanksgiving and as we spend time with our friends and family, let’s take time to think about and share with those that may not have friends, family or a place to call home.  As we give thanks, for our blessings, let us not forget to also be thankful to those men and women that traveled from various states and left their families to assist us in the October and this past Sandy Storm.

Trust me, when you take the focus off of you and your wants and place them on others needs, it will give you the warmest feeling that will keep you warm and toasty even in the coldest of winters.

Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving Holiday!



  1. What a beautiful post. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa but from my family to yours we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving!

    • Thank you! South Africa, huh? I was wondering where you were located after seeing such beautiful background scenery. 🙂 I love the fact that we meet so many people in so many places by expressing our thoughts. I am in Connecticut.

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