Dealing with Critics the Good the Bad and the Truth

Ok, you may already know this, but no matter how wonderful you are, you will always have critics. You may even be your own very worst critic. Yeah, didn’t think about that one did you?

I figured since we are near the end of yet another year, I would talk about critics. We all have encountered criticism in various ways. We deal with it in school, at work, in our personal relationships, as well as from associates and family members alike. It is not so much that we are being criticized it is more about how we handle the criticism when it is given.

Take for instance in your personal relationship. Let’s say your spouse or significant other says to you that you nag too much. You may get on the defensive and start to yell out “what da mean I nag too much?” Instead of doing that, maybe try another approach like asking them if they can give you an example. This will not only help you see the change you may need to make, but it will also help make your relationship much stronger, because now you know a flaw you have that you may or may not have realized was so bad and you can work on correcting it.

Try to always remain calm and open to the critic’s feedback. Some feedback can be very useful like when you get a little critical feedback from your manager regarding your work performance. If that is the case, you should appreciate such feedback and use it in a positive way to help yourself grow. Now, if the feedback is nasty and rude, and just plan uncalled for. (Your last post was stupid!), that is when never stoop to their level and just kill them with kindness. You will come out the bigger person in that situation.

Sometimes we take things too personal. Say you get a bad grade and some negative feedback from a professor on an exam, and you know darn well, you partied like a Rock Star the night before. Well, you really can’t get upset…can you? Instead take that feedback and move forward with a goal to study more and party a little less.

The biggest criticism usually comes from ourselves. Stop saying negative things about yourself. Stop saying things like “I am such an idiot”, “I hate how I look” and “I will never be as good as.” This goes back to my post on how powerful our words are. Another thing is, that sometimes you may stop working toward your goals in life out of fear of being critiqued by others.

Face it, Truth is you are going to run into those people who are just plain critics regardless. Most critics are usually unhappy with themselves, so being critical toward you makes them feel a whole lot better about themselves. Besides you have to remember that most criticism represents just one person’s point of view. If you know your strengths and don’t allow other people’s opinions keep you from working toward your goals for the life you want, you will be fine and able to just keep it moving.  There you have it, various ways for you to deal with critics. Good Luck!


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  1. Excellent post! We are so hard on ourselves!!

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