Believe in You!

BelieveRemember when you were a child near Christmas time and you would be on your best behavior. You would hear adults telling you “You better behave or else Santa Claus won’t bring you any toys.” You would do everything in your power to behave; at least until after Christmas. The reason you behaved was because you believed in what you were told, but most of all; you believed in Santa Claus. You believed in the mystical powers you thought Santa Claus possessed and once a year, Santa Claus to you was “The Man!” It amazed you how one man could not only deliver all those presents to every girl and boy in the entire world, but got every gift they asked for correct.

Isn’t it funny, how strong your belief was and if anyone said differently, you would totally defend Santa’s existence. Yet, some of you don’t believe in yourself. You don’t believe that you possess greatness. You don’t believe you are beautiful. You don’t believe you are worthy of love. You don’t believe you should be treated with the upmost respect. You don’t believe in your abilities. You don’t believe in your strength. You don’t believe your dreams will ever come true. You don’t believe in the goals you set for yourself. You don’t believe you are fine, just the way you are. You don’t believe that you’re smart. You don’t believe you are interesting and fun. You don’t believe you can do anything you put your mind to and finally, you don’t believe you deserve to be happy.

The reason you don’t believe any of those things about yourself is because you don’t really love yourself. You don’t love yourself unconditionally. To love yourself unconditionally, you have to stop putting yourself down. Stop being a constant nag to yourself on the things you don’t like and never allow what someone else says about you manifest in that head of yours. Are you kidding me! Don’t ever allow another’s self-esteem issues leak out onto your being and into your mindset. You are not allowed to let that happen. You were created and strategically placed here for a purpose. There is something great and wonderful about you that need to be shared among others. If you took the time to look within yourself and believe in your abilities, you would find out what that is. You are a kind and loving person with a unique flare about you. You are a great friend and a magnificent being and it is time for you to believe this!

So, while you are celebrating and bringing in the New Year, why not celebrate you? Why not let this be the time you start to recognize how wonderful you really are. You have the power to be whatever you set your mind to be and if you set your mind to be great then you will be great! Stop allowing other people’s negativity or even your own negativity about yourself get into your mindset. Only when you start to love yourself unconditionally will you, as well as others perception of you really change. This means people will treat you better, because you are treating yourself better.

May 2013, be your year! May it be the year you finally “Believe in YOU!”


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