“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer



Since none of us are perfect, we are all a work in progress. I know I am and I am pretty sure you are too. Therefore, sometimes we can allow other people attitudes affect our attitude and cause us to have a bad day. That all can be changed if we change the way we look at various situations.

Let’s say, you aren’t feeling well, maybe you are coming down with that flu that is going around. You’re feeling a little weak and your body is aching in various places. Yet, you need to get to the bank to put some extra cash in your account before you are overdrawn. Now, you are already not feeling well, and probably should have stayed at home, but you decided to go into work. It’s lunch time and although, you would rather stay indoors you’re dreading having to go out into the cold winter air.

The winter wind is blowing you from side to side and you are getting more irritated by the minute. You finally reach your bank, you get inside and see that there are five people ahead of you in line and you’re getting even more irritated. As you step to the next available bank teller, you get nothing but attitude from across the counter. You handle your business and leave. Yet, that bank teller’s stinky attitude has followed you back to your office building, all the way to your desk. You just can’t get her and her attitude out of your mind. Now everyone you speak to is given a reenactment of your bank journey. Boom! You have just allowed the bank teller to ruin your day.

However, your day didn’t have to be ruined if you would’ve changed the way you looked at the bank teller and her attitude. There is no excuse for a bad attitude, but there could be reasons they occur. I am sure the bank teller didn’t wake up wanting to have a bad attitude, but something in her life has caused her to have one and now you have allowed her to infect you. It is all in the way we look at things. If you would have just blown off the teller’s bad attitude as her having some issues that may be causing her to act that way and left it alone instead of reliving the incident over and over and not just in your head, but to anyone that would listen, the rest of your day would have gone better. Did you ever think that maybe the teller felt you also had an attitude? After all, you weren’t feeling well and you didn’t really want to go down to the bank in the first place, but you had to go. We all know when we aren’t feeling well, we can become a little cranky…

Who’s really to blame for ruining the rest of your day, the bank teller or you? Something to think about isn’t it? If you change the way you look at things and not dwell on the negative, the things you look at can and most definitely will change. After all, it’s all in ones Attitude.



  1. Love it! I think everyone can relate to the story, we’ve all been both the bank teller and the main character of this story at some point. What we’re guilty of and need to change in ourselves is: 1- Letting random and meaningless things affect our mood, 2- Projecting our bad moods on others, and 3- Judging people who seem in a bad mood (how can we know what that person is going through? they might have a lot more than us in their plate!)

    • How wise you are! 🙂 We never think about that until after the fact. Life is a true learning process.

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