Why Wait?

imagesCA8P2H3ETomorrow is not promised to any of us, yet most of us set our alarm clocks; each night hoping we wake up the next day. So, why wait to do the things you enjoy doing? There are so many excuses we give ourselves for putting ourselves on our own waiting list. We wait for special occasions to wear new clothing or “special” lingerie; we wait until the children are away at school or all grown up or until our elderly parents are in a safe place before we take time to enjoy ourselves, our friends or our spouses. We even wait for someone to convince us that our life needs a makeover, when surely deep down inside of us we know there are changes needed to be made in our lives.

COME ON! What are you waiting for? Stop allowing others and their needs come before your own. Women especially, are really good at putting things off until the right time…well, the right time is right now…today! If you were to die tomorrow, all those things you kept waiting to do will be dead too. That nice dress or lingerie you kept holding on to will be worn by your best friend (the wild one that waits for nothing) or some woman that grabbed it up from the new arrival box at your local Salvation Army, after your family donated it.

Go on and start living for yourself too. I am sure you deserve it. Go buy yourself that dress, those diamond studs, that expensive purse, that painting you’ve been eyeing, because if you don’t, someone else definitely will. Take that class that you have secretly wanted to take. Go get your finger nails and toe nails done as you sit like a Queen in the comfy massage chair at the beauty salon. If you feel you need help in some areas, why not contact a consultant to help you out…since we are all consultants in a sense and you’ve most likely helped someone by giving them your expert advice, why not flip the script and become the receiver instead.

Stop waiting to get back that young feeling or some type of feeling period. In order for you to be happy in life you have to start doing the things that make you happy. Even if what makes you happy is just having the luxury of sitting in a bubble bath screaming “Calgon take me away”, or sitting down reading a book you’ve been wanting to read, or try some recipe you’ve wanted to try. Whatever it is, why wait to do it?

Waiting gets old…just like you after a while. Don’t you know the more you wait the older you are getting and in order to stay alive you have to do something to keep your heart pumping? Something that excites you, and gets your mojo going, something that makes you happy. Your heart knows when you are happy, just like it knows when you are broken hearted. You have to become passionate about something, Have some fun and reinvent yourself. Don’t do something that will make others happy, because that would be defeating the purpose. Because, then the only person/persons happy will be others and this is about you.

So, why not make this year, be the year you decide to wait no more. You deserve to be happy each and every day you are on this earth. Just remember your happiness does not have to equate to the happiness of what others think being happy is, because it is your happiness. Come on…why wait?



  1. So true. We gotta stop postponing and start living!

    • That’s so right, Girlfriend! 🙂 Keep smiling!

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