change-architect-sign12Change can be a good or bad thing depending on how one allows it to affect them. After all, change means to become different. To become different from the way or where you use to be. Maybe you’ve changed for the better of you and some of your family or friends may like that you’ve changed and some may not. However, whenever someone says “You’ve changed”, they could feel as though you are no longer being the way they want you to be. Yet, not to sound negative, but the truth is some people don’t want to see others change for the better, because they will feel left out.

When you really think about it, change is an inevitable part of life. After all we all need change in order to grow. We don’t remain infants and children forever, do we? We change from children to teens and then into adults. We change jobs, relationships, locations, etc. The truth is everything in life involves some type of change like it or not. I guess we all can become uncomfortable outside of our comfort zone. Then again, sometimes our comfort zones can become the reason we need the change.

Women are not only the head of their households; they are now CEOs of their own companies or heading up departments, becoming engineers all those roles that some thought were just a man’s role.

We have births and deaths that also cause some expected or unexpected change in our lives. You can allow these types of changes to either affect you in a negative way or you can allow something positive to come out of either of these types of changes. It is all up to you and how you decide to continue living with the change.

It seems the older one gets the harder it is for them to accept change. Maybe the reason it is harder for older people to accept change, is because they are afraid of learning something new or they are just set in their ways. However, in order to keep up with the younger generation and the rest of the world, one has to change or be left behind. I mean we now have various types of cell phones, iphones, cable television, and computers, which if you aren’t use to these things, can be very intimidating and the way technology is changing at the speed of light, you have to be able to keep up to just be a part of this world. However, technology can be great! For instance, if you live miles away from your family or are in a long distance relationship and you would love to see the persons instead of just speak to them over the phone. You can now Skype, which allows you to see and speak to them at the same time. Cool huh?

Not all change is good. Some change takes away from the personal relationships so many of us are use to having. I mean let’s face it. No one talks anymore and families are not spending any time together, due to everyone is off doing their own techie thing. Everyone is texting or emailing you their feelings or thoughts. There is no more letter writing or card sending. Instead you get cards, invites and announcements via text or email. People even break up via text or email…how whacked is that. There are a zillion dating sites, where you pick your mate while sitting in front of your computer screen, not knowing if the person you are speaking with is really who they say they are…can anyone say- “Catfish.” You have Facebook where some are feeling relevant by their friend count and are communicating their feelings to everyone except the person that maybe should be hearing it. You have children that should be one place, but is someone where else, while having their friend text their parents pretending to be them of their whereabouts as the parents are totally clueless that they are being played.

Yes, change happens; will happen and unfortunately there is no way for you to escape change. What is important is how you allow the changes to affect you.



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  2. interesting post 🙂

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      • how polite! 🙂 Have a good weekend!

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      • Hope you had a good weekend! 🙂 We got a whole lotta SNOW!!!

      • Hope you had a good weekend! 🙂 We got a whole lotta SNOW!!!

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