Wear Your Invisible Crown

beautyHave you ever had one of those days where you wore something and wish you hadn’t? I believe we all have had at least one of those days. After you get to your destination you say to yourself “What was I thinking?” I had one of those days recently. I even mentioned it to a co-worker, but then I said “Oh well!” Of course, my co-worker being the sweet heart she is, she says “It’s not that bad.” All I could do was laugh.

Laughing makes everything better, especially when you can laugh at yourself. I like looking my best, but I don’t dwell on it if one day I don’t and neither should you. Life is way too short to dwell on anything besides possibilities.

The thing is we are all beautiful, regardless of what anyone else says, any organization or situation tries to make us feel. Yet, so many times in life we get caught up showing love and being kind to others and forget to show ourselves some of that love and kindness. The world is filled with so much beauty and hopefully, you are counting yourself as one of the beautiful things the world has to offer.

My belief is God created us all different and unique and we each have our very own special beauty within as well as our outer beauty. Something you may think about yourself to be ugly, may seem beautiful to someone else. We (in our own right) are Kings and Queens of our inner and outer domain and we should act as such.

Our beliefs, qualities and values that we emphasize more than others make us exactly who we are. It is our duty to take our God given beautiful gifts and represent to the world what a winner is and what a winner looks like, by exhibiting our beautiful personality, looks and brains with confidence and by counting ourselves in whenever we think of beautiful things.

Don’t ever allow anyone to make you feel less than the King or Queen that you are. You’ve heard of the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” well, there is truth in that. What you or maybe your friends may not think is beautiful, someone else does. Have you ever dated someone you thought was so hot! Yet, your girlfriends or buddies thought otherwise? There you have it! You saw the beauty in that person just like someone sees the beauty in you, that you may not see.

So, go on with your beautiful self and choose to wear your invisible crown everyday and wear it with much confidence, humility and grace. Just promise me the next time you’re thinking of all things that are beautiful, that you don’t forget to include yourself!



  1. I lld wear my crown with confidence. Thank you for sharing

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