There is Nothing Wrong with You!

DontBeRecklessWithOtherPeoplesHeartsIt is true that in life when you call someone out on their “stuff,” they will get upset. It could be done in the most innocent way that you touch upon a person’s insecurities, inadequacies, that place they are most wounded; you best believe they will attack you. Now, when that happens, get ready because all of your stuff is going to come up! Every little thing you have ever done is going to come rushing into the forefront of your mind and you are going to start doubting everything you think and feel.

It can be very difficult to hold on to a sense of personal power when you think there is something wrong with who you are. If you believe that who you are is wrong, or what you want and need is wrong, you will be overwhelmed by every challenge you come up against. You will become broken by every criticism. Then the worse part of it all, you will begin to become unable to tell the difference between your stuff and theirs. Trust me when I say, that is not a good thing!

We all are aware of the things we can do better. Just because something needs improvement does not mean it’s wrong. There is nothing wrong with you! Just because you may get a negative response from someone else does not mean you should doubt yourself. It only means you should always be aware. Just because you may be defective doesn’t mean you can’t see the defects around you! You will always have the right to address what you see and what you feel.

Maybe you have allowed what you believe is wrong with you to stop you from addressing conditions, issues, situations and people who do and say things that are inappropriate. Become determined to move beyond any feelings of wrongness and do and say what you believe is right for you! Because there is Nothing Wrong with YOU!


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