To Each His Own

believe-in-yourselfWhy is it that some people think that if other people aren’t doing the things they are doing or striving for the things they strive for in life that they are either lost, unhappy or have no ambition?

In life we all take different roads to get to where we plan to go or strive to be. By no means does that mean someone took a right or wrong road. It just means that they took the road that was best for them at that time. Maybe two people traveled the same road, but one reached their destination and the other is still on the road, that doesn’t mean the one that already made it to their destination is any better than the one still on the road. It only means they took different routes to get to the same destination or maybe one switched routes and chose another path.

There are a lot of parents with this mentality as well. Maybe you are one of those parents.
I get the fact that as a parent you want the best life for your children, but that is just it…the best life for your children, not for you. You have a lot of young people walking around feeling so stressed out by society, family and themselves because they are trying to keep up not just their own expectations and goals, for themselves, but their parent’s expectations as well. That can be a lot of added pressure on anyone, let alone a young person.

Remember your best friend from high school and how the two of you were going to see the world together and become whatever the two of you dreamt of conquering together? Well, maybe the two of you have lost touch and gone your separate ways in life. Maybe you’re single and a big shot lawyer or doctor and your friend is married and a stay-at-home mom. It doesn’t mean either of you took the wrong road in life it just means you both took the road that made you the happiest. Remember life happens and maybe she had to take the road that best suited her at the time. One thing is for certain, it is never too late for a life road trip.

Only you can determine what makes you happy in life, no one else can do that for you. It doesn’t matter how bad you may want them to or how hard they may try, it is totally up to you to get to your happy place. Your happiness is not anyone’s responsibility. Sorry boo, that is all on you. It’s sort of like when you try to make an infant eat those nasty jarred green peas and they continue to spit it out, yet no matter how hard you continue to try and force them to eat it, or tell them how good it is for them, you eventually give up…why…because you realize you can’t make them like it, no matter how hard you try.

So, just because someone may not be taking the path in life you think they should be taking, it doesn’t mean they are lost, unhappy or less ambitious than you may be. And if someone tries to dump their perception of you, on to you by trying to make you feel as though you have taken the wrong road in life, nicely tell them “To each his own.” I am sure they will get the message.

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