No Beating around the Bush

lovely-quote-quotes-cute-sayings-happinessHere’s a post I bet a whole lot of you can relate to. Are you one of those people that withhold your love, if so, why? I guess people withhold love for various reasons and I would imagine it’s up to the individual. I don’t understand it, never have and never will. I am not one to hold in my feelings. Never have been, never will be. I have no problem expressing my feelings or the lack of feelings for someone. I don’t know why it is such a hard thing for people to do. I mean, something I feel to be so simple, actually frightens grown men…

I mean every guy I have ever dated,or married I have always expressed my feelings toward them and I didn’t mind if they didn’t feel the same way, I have no regrets for that, because at least they knew they were loved or not loved. One thing I don’t do is play with people feelings just like I don’t want anyone playing with mine, and that is why I keep it all real within my relationships. I love telling people I love them when I actually love them and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I guess because the word love is constantly thrown around like its nothing, that it frightens people (mainly guys). Yet, when I say I love someone male or female, what I mean is I love the person, the inner person. I am not saying I am IN LOVE with the person, nor am I looking for them to say they love me back, especially if they don’t. Yet, I guess some people take it to that extreme. There is something I love about every person/persons that has ever been in my life and are currently in my life and I have no problem expressing or letting my feelings be known.

Yet, a lot of you withhold your love. You shut down, shut people out. You even hold some folk hostage, by being upset with them when you know how much they care about you. Even if you are upset with someone you care about, when you don’t share what you are feeling and why you are feeling those feelings, you are withholding your love from then. Those times you are not giving the other person information that could possibly help your relationship; you are really withholding your love from them.

Maybe you are the type that has a fear of being rejected, fear of being hurt and fear you may look stupid if you expressed how you felt, so you withhold your love by pretending not to care. Don’t you realize that whenever you are not expressing the truth of your experience with those that share in your experiences, you are only withholding your love for them? If you are not expressing love, then you can only be expressing fear.

We all have had the fear of being rejected or the fear that the love won’t be reciprocated by the other person. Those are the things that can happen when you put yourself out there. However, we should never withhold our love or feelings from anyone. Why would you allow that type of fear to force you to do something to someone you would not want done to you. Maybe you are not even aware of the ways or the reason you withhold your love. Become truthful! If you love someone just say it! When you are afraid acknowledge it and admit it! Just make sure through it all, you love yourself, as well.



  1. Interesting perspective…i think the key to what you say lies in the last statement: “love yourself.” The more comfortable we are with ourselves, the easier it is to be ourselves and express our feelings. I also think that not everyone expresses their love in the same manner and that does not necessarily make them less valid or true.

  2. My precious child’s last words ever was “I love you Mommy”. I know the last words she heard were “I love you Baby”

  3. It all comes down to vulnerability. In the beginning everything is open. Grateful to share everything I never dared to tell to anyone … then come the dark clouds … the other is a human being too, and unfortunately …
    The shell slowly closes after each hurtful act or comment or even facial expression …
    Until it is completely closed. For ever.

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