Life’s Stumbling Blocks

life-best-quotes-sayings-rise-fallingThe other day as I was out and about, I saw these guys walking, talking and laughing together; you know as friends do. Well, while they were walking one of the guys tripped and although, his buddies noticed it neither of them pointed it out or laughed about it. They all just continued walking and talking with one another, as if nothing happened. I thought to myself, what a cool bunch of guys. I say that because, you know sometimes when it’s just you walking by yourself and you happen to trip, you look around to see if anyone saw you and if so, you may get a little embarrassed, but hopefully, you’ll let it go and forget about it.

We all stumble sometimes and there is nothing to get all bent out of shape over. If while walking you happen to stumble, that doesn’t mean you are going to stop walking, are you? No, you are going to put your left foot in front of the right foot, or is it the right foot in front of the left foot? Whichever way it is, you are going to do it and give thanks that you only tripped and didn’t fall flat on your face and keep it moving…

Yet, sometimes we can get down on ourselves if we happen to stumble in life. All those challenges we face in life are just stumbles and if we should fall, we must pick ourselves back up and keep on moving. We cannot allow stumbles or any of life’s hic-cups to slow us down or stop us in any way. I know as a parent, we can feel like we have stumbled when our children go astray, but we must remember none of us come with instructions and we must also remember that we also were young once and I am sure we may have stumbled a few times back then ourselves. We just have to do the best we can and pray they follow what is taught and you know what, usually things work themselves out. Maybe you are having a little difficulty at work, which is causing you to stumble, that doesn’t mean you should begin questioning your talent and abilities.

We all may have one time or another been faced with some really difficult times in our lives and you better believe you will be faced with more. Some of these difficulties may make you angry, they may even cause you to question yourself as a person, or they may knock you off your rump for a second. Yet, under no circumstances are you to allow those difficulties to keep you down. Just know that as long as we are alive, there will be challenges, obstacles and some hindrance in your life, some will be big and some not so big, but they all will be a test to see how well you can handle yourself when you stumble. So, if the next time you are going along your merry little way in life and someone happens to see you stumble and they ask are you alright. Just respond back with “Yes, I am fine, it was just one of life’s many stumbling blocks.”


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  1. Another great post!

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