Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

thethingsyoutakeforgrantedsomeoneelseisprayingfor_zpsddab15eaIt is so easy in life to become content in how we are living our lives, so much so, that we begin to take life for granted. Last Thursday morning, there were streams of yellow tape, police, medical personnel and news crew outside our office window. Sadly, it seems a man was hit by a transit bus and died. Yes, another person died unexpectedly Thursday. I wonder if anyone told him how much they loved him, or did he tell anyone how much he loved them before that occurred that morning or did they take for granted that they will see each other another day.

There is a time for everything and we should all take time to be grateful for all our blessings. We all get so involved in our day to day activities, that some people never stop and take notice of all the things they should be grateful for (like waking up each morning). Instead some sit and whine or complain about what is wrong in their lives or what so-and-so has that they don’t. I also remember a time when people cared about one another and now people are only looking out for numero uno. It seems everyone is competing to be the best something, yet no one is competing to be a better person. It is really sad that so many people do not appreciate what they already have; instead they want more and more forgetting the fact that it was a time when they didn’t have any of the things they now possess. Some of us also need to realize that not everything you want in your life is what you need in your life.

Some people even take their dreams and goals for granted. What if you didn’t have or weren’t allowed to dream or have a goal for your life? Your dream and goal is your purpose, it’s the reason you are here. It is that thing that you have so much passion and love for. It is that burning desire you have inside of you, that thing you love to do and would do without getting paid to do it. Yes, it may seem silly and unreal to others and that is because it is your dream and goal not anyone else’s. What most people fail to realize is that their dreams and goals are a part of the special gift they were given to pursue and fulfill their purpose of existing and it should never be taken for granted by neither anyone nor yourself.

How many times have you spent loads of money out to lunch or dinner just to have a meal that you barely touched be thrown out into the trash? Yet, then have the nerve to look in disgust at some homeless person eating the food you’ve thrown away? Who should be the one in disgust, is it the homeless person that just got a great meal for free or you who paid a pretty penny for a meal you threw away? I believe you can learn a lot from a homeless person. They are truly survivors; I mean if you think about how they live, you can see that it takes some creativity (your complete home and things that matter to you, all fit inside a shopping cart), wisdom (knowing how to elude the police or on a really cold night purposely get arrested just to have a warm place to lay your head), strength (know how to protect yourself from fellow homeless persons fighting for your spot in the dirt or someone just meaning you harm) and the courage (to keep their heads up and be grateful for making it through another day, when society looks down on them without knowing anything about their life). Not many people having to be placed in that situation would be able to survivor.

The reality of it all is we take a lot in life for granted, when instead we really should be grateful for it all. We should be grateful for life, our abilities and people past and present, because truth is; it all can be here today and gone tomorrow.


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