You Are Nothing to Be a Shame Of

courageCan you stop, just for a moment, stop tearing yourself down because of your past, your circumstance or the condition of your life at this time and start feeling like you are enough? Stop worrying or beating yourself up about the things you did not do to satisfy other people. If you were to stop feeling that way, you will see that you are more than enough.

When you feel that way about yourself, you are giving off vibes to others that you are not enough. Perfect example of that: One night I was out with a few girlfriends from work. We were at a happy hour (something I don’t do often) and there were these guys at the place we went to that didn’t really look like they were about much, except trouble. Besides that they were a few years younger than we were. Anyway, one of the guys asked me to dance and I did, but then he kept coming around, when I was trying to enjoy my time out with my girlfriends. I don’t go out often with the ladies I was with so, the time spent with them I wanted to savor. This guy was such a pest and he looked like a real BAD BOY, pants hanging (just a little), but very handsome. I guess you could say, he had a lot of confidence and he did not allow his appearance to interfere with that confidence. He didn’t care about what we thought of him, he was just being HIM. I must say, after talking with him I realized how deep of a person he was. I mean his head was really on straight and he was very intelligent. Well he won me over and this happened about six years ago and we have become the best of friends. Till this day, he still calls me whenever he is having issues with his girlfriends.

My point is he did not allow what my girlfriends and I thought of him or what anyone else thought about him influence what he thought of himself. That is what gave him the courage to come over to our table. That is what you need to do. Believe in yourself regardless of what others may think or perceive you to be. I bet if you allowed yourself to think good of yourself for a second, that others will see the good in you as well. You may possibly find a new vision of yourself for yourself. In order to do this, you need to allow yourself to believe it, trust it and demonstrate it and then it is possible that those who doubt you will shut their mouths, like me and my girlfriends did in regards to my friend.

So, go on. I am giving you permission to take a chance on being yourself, enough of yourself to make yourself happy. No need to try and mold and change yourself to make who you are better. Just try being yourself and do what you do without any defenses, pretenses or excuses, just be YOU, because you are nothing to be ashamed of.



  1. I would be honoured if you accepted this WordPress Family Award. You have meant so much to me! Your words of love and encouragement have sustained me through horrible, grief filled times. Thank you for caring.

    • Tersia – How sweet of you to want to do that. Of course I will accept. However, every word of encouragement I have ever written and it has touched you, was done straight from my heart. I am honored to be such a blessing to you. You are a wonderful person and I appreciate your support of my blog and my words, because it is all done in the name of LOVE. You are a strong person and you will get through anything you need to, it just takes time. God bless you, and thanks again! Love, Cheryl

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