In the Spirit

its-okWhile everyone is honoring the important day that is set aside for remembering and thanking those women who provided for us and those that played a very major role in our lives. Even though, I am a mother and “Every day is Mother’s Day”, so says my sons. Although, if they weren’t good to me, I don’t think I would believe the hype they throw my way. Mother’s Day is such an emotional day for some people and for various reasons. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to celebrate YOU the Spirit of life!

What a blessing you are and from the time you were conceived you were this wonderful Spirit of life forming inside your mother’s womb. So, why not celebrate you, the Spirit of life. You are the reason for the day of honor in the first place.

Are you aware that as a Spirit of life, you cannot fail, EVER? Alright, so you may not always get an A, but you can pass with a B, C and even a D, but you will never fail. You may stumble in life and even fall down, you may also get placed in some dark and scary places as you go through life, but you will never fail. I wouldn’t worry about it either, because it is a spiritual thing going on within you. You may go deaf, become blind, but you will never fail.

The Spirit knows you cannot fail and that you were built with stamina. That’s why it gives you these test in life to see just how strong you are, how much you can tolerate and what you would do under the various circumstances in your life. That is the Spirit’s way of showing you that you cannot fail.

You may have some things taken away from you that you feel you really need, you may lose some things, you may even get lost, but you will never fail, because of the Spirit within you. So, regardless of what happens, how it happens, just remember that the one thing you can’t do under no circumstance is fail! The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will stop trying to get an A from the world and move on to the head of the class.

Maybe you have been in limbo, afraid to move, afraid you may fail. Well, start seeing yourself and your life as a function of spiritual truth. Keep reminding yourself that you cannot fail! Keep reminding yourself that you don’t need an A! Just allow yourself to move through every experience and situation you encounter with grace and ease and you can do so, because you are supported by the Spirit of life, which knows that your success is assured.

So, as you honor that wonderful woman that bought that beautiful Spirit (YOU) into this world and those who have encouraged and nurtured you. Just remember to also honor the wonderful and beautiful Spirit called YOU!



  1. And what a lovely spirit YOU have! Always so positive and uplifting!

    • Thank you! I try to be as positive as I can, some days it can be a challenge, for I am as we all are…a work in progress. 🙂

  2. I agree with Dudzi! Thank you Cheryl!!

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