Embrace your Authentic Powers

trust-till-the-endWhen you allow your authentic self to appear, it means you have no defenses and you hold on to no pretenses. Your authentic self is the foundation of your power. It allows you to be innocent while also being strong. It allows you to be strong while also being compassionate. Your authentic self is the part of you that gives you the fortitude, courage and strength to sustain any of your fears. Your authentic self is the part of you that knows that no matter what happens to you, you will survive.

It is like driving a car. When you are driving you are automatically placed in a vulnerable position. Being alert to the other drivers makes you vulnerable and you trust that you will get to your destination safely. Therefore, you must trust your vulnerability.

Being vulnerable to most people means they are expecting to be harmed while being vulnerable. Those people that enter in and out of various relationships and placing themselves in position to be hurt, abandoned, violated, rejected in various ways and why is that? It’s because they do not trust themselves and therefore, cannot trust others. I know…I was one of those people. However, I’ve learned that vulnerability is not something that any of us can avoid. It is a natural condition and we must learn to trust it.

On the flip side of it all, your authentic self trusts your vulnerability. It trusts the process of life and it trusts the resiliency of your spirit. Up until now, you may have felt that if you allowed yourself to be vulnerable that you would be hurt or harmed in some way. I get it!

How about trying this? Why not start acknowledging that the presence and the power of your authentic self will protect you in all of the vulnerable situations you may encounter, allowing you to trust yourself as well as others.



  1. I really love this post. I just touched on this in my blog how we should all be honest with others. It is the best way to start any kind of relationship. Keep up the awesome writing 🙂

    • Wow! Thank you! I am honored by your honesty and your words. Thank you! I am glad I could relate.

  2. I am so sacred to show my authentic self. I cannot bear to be hurt again. Wish I could trust the real life world with my vulnerability.

    • I think every time you post something on your blog you are showing your authentic self. What you think about that?

  3. This blog post is going to be reblogged! This is great! Everything about it is spot on! Although I’ve come a long way from who I used to be I still struggle in the area of vulnerability. I’m so thankful I came across this post & I know it will touch many others the same way as I can see from the comments it has already touched lives! & I love Love LOVE your quote at the top of your blog – I’m so using that on my blog somewhere (if u don’t mind – lol) Btw, thx for all the likes on my blog – xoxo

    • You are so sweet! Aren’t we all struggling with something? 🙂 I enjoy your blog very much and yes, please do use the quote at the top of my blog.

  4. I did use the quote – please stop by my blog & see it. It’s under the title Great Quote; Not So Great Truth

  5. Thank you! I like your blog as well.


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