True Colors

to-be-yourself-world-life-quotes-sayings-tyga-rapperIf you’ve read my “About me” page, you would know that for a few years I published a monthly community informational zine titled “Chameleon”. I picked the name “Chameleon”, because I didn’t want to have to stick to the same platform each month and that way it was easier to change it up (if I wanted to) each month without there being an issue with my subscribers. I chose the chameleon reptile as my muse, because of its ability to change its color to adhere to their environment and situation. If you aren’t familiar with a chameleon, then check out the recent Valspar Paint commercials and that should give you a good idea of what I am talking about.

How cool is it to be able to change your appearance in order to fit in or to survive? We as human beings, also have the ability to adapt in order to fit in. However, the problem with that is we seem to take it to whole another level and end up forgetting who we truly are.

To fit in and adapt within our environments, we have an assortment of masks we wear. Let’s see: we have the mask we wear at work, our social mask, the one we wear at home mask and even a mask to play in. We also have a mask for the different roles we play, like the husband/ wife mask, the mother/father mask and the son/daughter mask. Each of these mask come with duties and responsibilities, fears and frustrations, likes and dislikes, demands and desires. It can get a little tricky, especially if the responsibility of one mask happens to interfere with another. What if we need to hold one of the masks in place, but we may have to do something inappropriate to the other masks we wear in order to do so. It can get a little hairy, not to mention scary, because truth is, we can become so skilled at putting on the appropriate mask at the appropriate time in order to survive that we eventually no longer know who we really are.

Maybe it is time to put away the masks and find your true self and then allow your true self to
appear in the various roles you play. Really, if you wear your true self every time then there should be less confusion about what to do and how to do it. Stop, allowing your environment dictate the mask you wear. Why not try figuring out what you need to do in finding or rediscovering who you are, so that your true colors can show up and shine through.


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