Mice and Men

cute-baby-animals-1-400x313Jenny let out a blood curdling scream as the mouse ran past her foot. Yikes! Can you imagine that? I detest mice or for that matter any rodents. However, when you think about it, mice are pretty clever. Since they have no bones they can fit their little bodies through the smallest of holes. Holes you never knew existed. They know how to dip and dodge your attacks and then have the nerve to leave you little surprised droppings as a gift or a reminder of their clever abilities.

Yet, if you really took the time to observe their clever sense of existing, you could learn a great deal about maneuvering around in life from mice. Because they are so small, they are able to get into places and see things that other creatures can’t. So, therefore mice are really good at seeking opportunity that other creatures miss. And since they are a source of food for other animals, they must be very careful about how they move, where they move and when to move, causing for very skillful strategic planning. They also need to be very flexible in order to get in and out of those tight situations safely. They also teach us to pay attention to details, take something like cheese on a trap. Mice know there are certain details that if ignored can cost them a good whacking!

Mice are so flexible; they think with strategic movement and close examination of others. We can learn a great deal from mice, despite the fact that they are gross little pains-in-the-neck,
all their various attributes teaches us that it is possible to move in and out of various life experiences without getting trapped. The trick is you just need to be aware of what you are doing at all times.

Although, rodents of any kind are not my favorite of God’s creatures. However, I now and maybe so should you, have a greater appreciation for their keen insight of life skills that can be used among Mice and Men.


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