Have Faith and Trust Yourself

policy8In middle and high school two of my sons played sports. They both played basketball, but one, my middle son also played football. They enjoyed playing and they were pretty good too. My ex-husband and I would attend their games; and my ex-husband would also become very vocal during their games. So, much so, that I stop attending due to I felt he was taking it way too serious. He would yell out the various plays, tell them who to check as they play…as if he were their coach. I understood he got emotional about the games and deep down inside I believe he was doing what every parent that acts in that manner does and that is live their dream through their children. I imagine he thought they were going to be the next Michael Jordon, or Troy Aikman, when in reality they were just having fun, not looking at sports as a career at all.

My sons like all siblings have different personalities. The oldest is very outgoing and loves music and dancing, while the other loves music as well, but is more laid back and mellow, very reserved. So, it really disappointed their father when the oldest who happen to be a junior decided to go a whole different route and teach break dancing and hip hop, which lead him to meeting his girlfriend who also teaches dancing of jazz, modern jazz, ballet and hip hop. While other fathers talked about their sons playing some type of sport even some who went pro, my ex when asked, hates to mention what junior does for a living.

However, that is fine with junior because he followed his dream and trusted himself enough to do what makes him happy. He tried working in the corporate environment for a few years, but he knew that was not what he wanted to do or be for the rest of his life and I am so proud of him for stepping out on faith and without anyone’s help. He met his girlfriend dancing and they both paired together and put their dream into a reality and now they have their very own dance studio and are very happy doing what they want to do, which is…dance. It was a rocky start at first and they had their fears and sometimes doubts, but they worked hard and kept their dream totally alive and now it is real and they are doing what it is they love.

We all have some fears bottled up inside us and until you are ready to confront the thing you fear, you will be paralyzed in your quest to move forward. However, in order to confront that thing you fear you have to trust yourself enough to know you can beat fear at its game.

We all have some type of fear we have yet to address and some fears that we don’t even realize are inside of us. Those fears that we aren’t aware of are the ones that will be tested by the trust we have in ourselves. No matter how smart you are, the great potential you may have, or how many of those great opportunities have danced into your life. When fear hits you and starts eating away at your energy and your confidence, you will know it and have to deal with it.

Let’s say someone or even you start to question your potential, well the fear of failure, rejection or your success will start enlarging in your brain causing you to doubt your abilities and that is your first of many test of self trust. That is the time you kick fear in the butt, and you allow yourself trust to kick in and believe that whatever bad happens you will be able to regroup and overcome it. It is all about the way you respond to fear when it comes at you, that really determines how much you can trust yourself. Frankly, if you can’t trust yourself, you won’t be able to go head-to-toe with the fear.

In the past you may have used tons of reasons why you aren’t living up to your true potential, doing what it is you really love or embracing all the wonderful opportunities you’ve had. Let’s leave the past in the past and begin a new day with new ways. The way to start new, is by trusting yourself enough to be able to go to combat with any fear you may have by walking through it with your head held high and enough trust and faith in yourself to know that you will making it through.



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