Look for New Stuff

Dont-be-afraid-to-take-an-unfamiliar-path-sometimes-theyre-the-ones-that-take-you-to-the-best-places_-300x300Hey there. Today is the day you should begin opening your heart to some new stuff! Are you a woman looking for a man? Are you a man looking for a woman? You know…they say there is someone out there for everyone. Those of you looking for “The One” your “Soul Mate” just might be looking at the wrong stuff. You have to open your heart, mind and both your eyes if you want to really find your other half.

Ok, now that you have opened your heart, your mind and both your eyes, what is it you see? Do you see too tall or too short? Do you see too fat or too thin? Do you see too dark or too light? Do you see black or white? Do you see lack of education? Or too much pride? Do you see dollar signs or not enough dollars? Do you see spirituality or no soul? Do you see the guy or girl you dated before? Do you see another one just like the other one?

Ok, so you are looking for a mate, then you best believe there is someone out there looking for you too. I know you can’t see the forest because of all the trees, but its time you pick the right tree. It could be that neither of you can find the other because of all the stuff you’re both looking for. Then again, maybe you can’t find each other because of the stuff you’re not looking at.

So often we search and search for a mate that has all the right stuff. Why not change your ways and start looking for all the stuff that person may have to offer? This may included some of the stuff you refuse to see. Open your heart, mind and both your eyes and begin looking for some new stuff.


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