“Not Who I Use to Be”

life-quote11“If only I knew then, what I know now.” “How I wish I could take back what I said.” We’ve all said those things before. Yet, if you think about it, if you knew what you know now back then, you would not have experienced whatever it is you may have went through to get the understanding of it now. We all wish we could start from a clean slate at times, but the truth is we can’t. Everything we do and every moment spent are things done and time spent that you can never get back.

A lot of people make mistakes in life and then later on regret them, yet what’s done is done and you will never get it back. So, you have to learn to live your life with no regrets. After all, whatever you regret doing, you wanted to do at that present time. Therefore, you have to let go of any ill feelings toward people or things from your past so that it doesn’t interfere with your chance to progress. You may be thinking that letting go of it all may be a hard pill to swallow, but I am not saying to forget, but to just let it go in order for you to move forward to becoming a better you.

The great part about past mistakes or anything from our past is that we get to learn from it all. So, whether it’s a botched relationship, something you’ve said, a bad work experience or some parenting issue, you must not fear making mistakes, because it’s inevitable that you will. Yes, there will be little triggers to remind you of your past, but that’s the great thing about remembering, it gives you a chance to think things through before making the same or new mistakes.

So, as you go forward in life start letting go of your haunting past and remember that the only thing that can limit you from achieving what you want for your future is who you are now, not who you use to be.


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