You Have to Believe

belief-quotesIf you have never learned to believe in yourself or if you have never been taught that you are worth believing in, well of course you will have a hard time learning to believe in yourself. How on earth can you say good things about yourself if you hardly heard anything good said about you? I tell you how…you just do it!

I am my own biggest motivator and you should be yours as well. I don’t expect anyone to believe in me, nor for anyone to think I am worthy. No, I think those things about myself. How I do that is by knowing who I am and who’s I am. I don’t pretend to be something I am not just to try and impress those that don’t genuinely care anyway and neither should you. I know who I am and what I am about and I want for you to know you and to know what you are about, as well.

Yet, I know it is hard to feel good about yourself when you are never told how good you are. Well, I am telling you today…this day…right now, that you are good and you are worthy and you are truly worth believing in.

How do you stop doing what hurts you when you haven’t been taught anything else, like always putting yourself down? Well, you just do it! Words hurt, but words can also heal. You need to gather all the wonderful words you would love to hear about yourself and repeat them to yourself each and every day, until you believe they apply to you. If for some reason you get off course and start that “stinkin thinking”, then you need to switch your mindset to something else! Go and do something that makes you feel good and look good and that will make you realize you are good! Do it because you believe you deserve it! Do it because you are worth it! Start doing things for yourself that will convince you that you deserve the best, because you do.

Remember this, you have the power to convince yourself that you are good, worthy and deserving…you just have to believe!


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