Being Conscious of the Moments You’re Alive

deathThere is a young lady that works in my favorite Dunkin Donut shop, whose grandmother (the sweetest lady) use to babysit my kids when they were small. While I was paying for my decaf coffee, I asked the young lady how the family was doing. Then she hit me in the gut (it felt as though she did) by telling me her grandmother’s husband (sweet man) had a heart attack. Apparently, he had been having chest pains the whole week and went to the doctors late yesterday, only to find out that he had been having an attack on his heart all week, due to some clogged tubes. So, his doctor admitted him into the hospital. Luckily he went to the doctor’s yesterday, or her response could have been totally different.

Tomorrow, an hour, a minute not even a second is promised to any of us, so with that said, if your life were to end today, how would your obituary read? Now, don’t think of this in a negative way, or be afraid to even think of such a thing. Instead, think of it as a way for you to start living!

As you know every moment of your life provides memories of you to those you will leave behind. They will be the memories that people you love and leave behind will want to speak about regarding your life story. Therefore, you are the author of your obituary, so will you be writing a horror story, a story filled with misery or one with a happy ending? Were you up or uppity? Were you supportive or out for self? Did you cause drama with your gossiping and lies or lift others up? What about the way you treated people and how you made them feel about themselves? How did you treat yourself? Did you spend all your time nurturing your career than nurturing your family and friends? Will the people speaking about you have to lie and make up good things to say about you to those that didn’t know you…because you know that does happen? The problem with that is they know the truth and so would you.

A lot of us don’t take stock in that how we live provides the content of our obituary. Now is the perfect time to be conscious of how you are living and start a new way of living. The good thing is that each new day you are blessed to be here is another opportunity to get it right, which gives you more time to rewrite your life story if you need to. You are the only one who can determine how people see and remember you, so be conscious of the moments you’re alive.


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  1. This is so true! Vic LIVED every second of her life. She never gave up on LIFE.

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