Just the Way You Are

billy joelA few months ago I attended an offsite with my organization’s leadership team. Several of the leaders from the various departments within our organization had to present future goals, etc.; that they would like to see in place for their teams. Well, as each speaker came forth, a song they personally picked out to be played, echoed through the room as they walked up to the podium. Before they begin their presentation, they had to tell what the song meant to them. Well, there was the song “Just the way you are” by the great Billy Joel. The person that chose that song said it was played at her wedding.

I thought to myself, now that’s a perfect song for a wedding. The words are so sincere and the meaning is so beautifully real. Wouldn’t it be nice to be loved and accepted just the way you are, without having to play those phony mind games, no hidden agendas or motives? Just people…being people. We all would like to be accepted and loved just the way we are. Yet, it’s like a catch22 because we don’t always allow others to be just the way they are. Nope! We have to find something on that person that needs fixing as if we can make them become the person we want them to be or make them better than the Creator has made them.

It starts when you are young, where you go to school changing who you are to fit in with the cool kids, at work you go along with everyone else instead of using your own voice or mind. Women are getting plastic surgery of every possible kind, even changing their skin tones lighter or darker in order to get the attention or approval of others. Men busting out of their clothes from going to the gym to build muscles that would put Popeye to shame, just to get the attention of others, instead of going to stay fit and healthy. And worse of all you can’t even go as you are to church without being scrutinized or looked down upon by those that call themselves Christians.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t do things to enhance your features or to make yourself feel good about yourself. However, when you go to extremes to do so and are still unhappy with who you are, then you have to know there is something deeper going on, because what was the point of it all?

We are going to have to stop judging one another based on the outer appearances and start being real and get to the heart of a person before making snap judgment about them. By doing so, you can find out some very interesting things about them and you may find love or a friend.

In order to be able to be accepted for whom you are, just as you are, you are going to have to first start accepting yourself just the way you are, then and only then will you be able to accept others just the way they are.


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