Just Be!

be who you want to beIs getting through life or handling a challenging situation a struggle for you? When you try your best do you find that there is always something or someone in your way? Do you know that your inner life is the cause and the source of everything that manifests around you? Your life will always let you know when there is something “in” you that needs your attention. Your inner life requires tender loving care and must be cleansed, strengthened and in good order. You are responsible for being the things you desire and for being the way you desire others to be. Because everything happens through you, not to you!

One of my many favorite quotes “If you want to be happy, be” is by Leo Tolstoy. That quote to me has a lot of power and attitude to it. It is saying whatever it is you want to be, be it! You don’t need anyone’s permission, just step inside yourself…your soul and be what it is you want to be.

Be peace! Be joy! Be strength! Be creative! Be inspirational! Be wisdom! Be a success! Be a smile! Be a hug! Be a delight! Be kind! Be gentle! Be hope! Be faith! Be trust! Be truth! Be honor! Be encouragement! Be wealth! Be the mission! Be respect! Be fearless! Be a friend! Be love! Be the miracle! Be the possibility! Be the opportunity! Be the purpose! Be forgiving! Be calm! Be freedom! Be obedience! Be fun! Be prayer!

Start within and allow all the things you know how to be blossom into becoming the truth of who you are. Life will work for you as soon as you start to realize that you will continue to feel bad until you adjust your attitude. Maybe you thought you had to wait for something special to happen in your life before you can experience something better. Start being devoted to yourself and to all the things you say you want, do it with much faith and then…Just Be!


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