More Than Meets the Eye

Life-Lesson-Quotes-You-have-a-choice-to-live-your-best-life-every-day-no-matter-the-circumstances__-300x300One of my favorite programs came on yesterday “How do I look?” I love that show. Not so much for the fashion (although, I love fashion), but I love how after helping the participant see themselves in a different light by changing their wardrobe, they also help them by giving them a push in the directions of their goals. After the complete transformation is done, each participant leaves feeling good about themselves and confident.

However everything you see in the outer world has an inner meaning. In the midst of every situation, every circumstance, there is an invisible truth. For every single thing no matter how unsightly, unpleasing, or disconcerting, there is a true, hidden meaning the represents the activity of your Spirit. Yes, this also applies to you. Because, there is a truth about you that may have gone undetected. There is a cause on which you have to fulfill. There is a meaning beneath your physical exterior that represents spiritual activity. In order to see this activity, we must develop spiritual vision. And until we do, we will always be fooled by appearances!

You see the woman that wanted to be the hair stylist to the stars, although she had the skills to do just that, she never had anyone believe in her, to encourage her, or to be honest and open with her on what she needed to do to succeed. Therefore, she knew she had the skill she just did not have the confidence to take it any further. Yet, she had a wonderful spirit about her. As for the woman that worked in the health care field, she knew her abilities and she was a true go-getter. However, she was so determine to never get back to her old weight before losing the 175 pounds and those tight leggings were the clothes that reminded her of her weight accomplishment and she how she never wanted to go back. She was already a go-getter she just needed to start loving her new body and leave her old body in the past.

The lesson here is to never allow what you look like to determine what you can or cannot do. Never allow what you are looking at to determine what you believe. Never allow what you can see with your eyes to lure you into the belief that there is nothing more. Always allow your spiritual eyes to take you beneath the surface, because only then will you see and know the truth, because most of those people you see or meet are truly more than meets the eye.


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