Get Free

freedom_be_sweet_and_free_but_dont_eat_to_much_candy_tn-412937Those things you feel you need, got to have or just can’t do without has a power over you and your life. Actually, when you honestly think about it, you are in some ways a slave. I am not talking about things of necessity such as food, shelter and clothing. I am talking about anything and anyone from your mama to your job, that you feel you must have, must help or cannot walk away from for one reason or another. I am talking about the whole complete gamut of things from food to sex, people to pets. If God did not put those things in you, yet you believe you cannot live without it, then you are in a heap of trouble!

So often we turn our lives over to things and people, convinced that they are necessary to our survival. How in the world does that happen? How do we allow ourselves to become enslaved? Why does it happen? Why is it we turn our lives over to these things and these people? I’ll tell you why…it’s all a trick…it is the trick of fear!

Do you know fear will do anything and use anyone to throw you off your game, get you off track, so you will begin moving in the wrong direction? Fear is very aware that as long as you believe there is something you cannot do without, you will have an excuse not to do the things you must do and by the way, fear loves that, because that gives fear something to do! Fear will keep you hoping, wishing and trying. Fear will hold you down, beat you up, leaving you gasping for air. Fear is the master at trickery and will make you responsible to others, as well as responsible for others. Fear is the thing that stops you from letting go of everything and everyone else that is not good for you.

Maybe you aren’t aware of all the things and people you hold onto out of fear. Then again, maybe you are. In order to beat fear, you must accept that you are afraid to let go and that there are people and things you can live without! Take inventory of all the things you think you need, then read off the list and track all the excuses you give yourself for holding on. Then take time to mentally and emotionally get free!


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