You Made a Mistake…So What!

mistakes Photo-Quotes-5643Why is it that for some unknown reason, one of the greatest challenges we have is admitting to ourselves and others that we have made a mistake. So often we waste time, energy and joy, because of our failure to acknowledge an error. You would have to wonder what would cause someone to become so bent out of shape about admitting they’ve made a mistake.

Maybe as children we were spanked if we broke or spilled anything, or criticized for our shortcomings. Perhaps the person that raised us wanted so badly for us to be good that they didn’t leave much room for error. Could it be we don’t believe it is safe to acknowledge or admit a mistake? Or are we just afraid to admit “we made a mistake?”

A mistake is a real lesson in humility and we learn our limitations. It also reminds us that there is always more for us to learn about ourselves and our capabilities. I love when someone who considers himself to be a perfectionist makes a mistake; it confirms they are just as human as I.

For you to acknowledge a mistake may have caused you fear, anguish, anxiety or shame. Why let it get under your skin? Just embrace your humanness. If you recently made a mistake acknowledge it. If you have made one in the past that has a lingering effect on you, admit it. What’s the big deal? You made a mistake…so what!



  1. Words of great wisdom

  2. I am one of those children. And an imperfect perfectionist and one my own worst enemies honestly but again, raised in a home where there wasn’t ( still isn’t) much room for error . Good Post.

    • Thank you, I am glad my post helped you in some way. 🙂

  3. Sometimes we prefer to hide from our mistakes than to acknowledge them, and lots of time, we search for others to blame because we don’t want to be directly responsible for our mistakes. It’s much easier that way. But we should never be ashamed of making mistakes, and we should be proud to say “yeah I did that mistake. I learned from it and now am gonna fix it”

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