Tony-Robbins-Picture-QuoteWhat is ambition? To be ambitious you have to have a strong desire to achieve something. To be ambitious is to aim, to plan, to have intention, to have a goal, to have an objective, a purpose, to have intent and aspirations. It could also be to have rank, power and even fame.

My interpretation of an ambitious person is a person who wants to better themselves, their surroundings or that of their family. It could be through education, work, health, wealth or even travel, the list is endless. You see, to me it does not have to be a big ambition for a person to be ambitious it could be something as small as trying to look on the bright side. An ambitious person is someone who plans to do something and then actually does something to set the plan in motion.

Yet, some people chose to think, feel or believe that if you are not aiming for the same things they are aiming for in life, or what they think you should be doing that you are not ambitious. I find those that think or believe in that mindset to be ignorant and to have a one track mind. I mean come on, even a serial killer would be considered ambitious.

Yes, we all should have an ambition and the motivation to do something with our lives, but if you are going to go hard for something, at least let it be something you believe in, something you enjoy and would enjoy doing daily. Yet, we see so many people running around like chickens with no head, stressing themselves out. Then we see them trying to control the stress of showing how ambitious they are at the thing they really don’t enjoy all that much, by either over eating, drinking excessively or some even turn to hard core drugs to deal with it all as they slowly kill their ambitious selves.

So, as you stay home caring for and raising your children to become great citizens, working at the pizza shop as an apprentice, so one day you can own your own pizzeria, cleaning homes to understand how to one day manage your own cleaning company, dancing or singing in various talent shows to one day make it as a backup dancer, or become a dancer on dancing with the stars. Maybe you’re working in a fast food place so that you can open your own franchise. It doesn’t matter what your dreams are, because as long as you have the passion, a plan set in place and actually have set your plan in motion, you have ambition.


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