The Green Eyed Monster

envy othersSue Rogers is happily married to a man she adores and who’s emotional companionship she values deeply. She works as a prosecutor and was recently mentioned in her town’s magazine, as one of the top up and coming prosecutors in the state. She and her husband have two very well-behaved and bright children. If you were to ask her, Sue will tell you that she is very satisfied with her life that is until she attends her college reunion.

While at the reunion, Sue kept telling herself that many of her former classmates are more successful than she was and achieved a much higher social and professional status than she had. She also kept thinking that the other women spouses were way more educated and attractive than hers and that they all had much more money and spent their money on exotic trips.

She started feeling like a loser and a failure. Sue, who once was a very happy and content woman, is now focused on her life’s circumstance. She has lost her happiness and contentment to the green eyed monster called envy and jealousy.

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” (Proverbs 14:30)

Biblical stories such as the one about King Ahab of Israel who had everything, but he wanted a vineyard that was close to his palace. Naboth owned a vineyard and when he refused to sell, Ahab began sulking like a little child until his wicked evil wife Jezebel, plotted to kill Naboth and took his field just to satisfy her envious husband King Ahab.

How sad is it that there are people who have everything and yet are still envious for more. Envy leads to strife and a loss of peace. Are you like Susan dissatisfied with what you have and longing for what you cannot have?

The grass always looks greener on the other side until you are on the other side. Be grateful for what you have and for all the blessings you have as well. There is always someone better off than you and that has less than you. Don’t allow your envious greed rot your bones.



  1. I love this Cheryl! The opening quote is so apt in my family law world – I’ll be requoting! I’m focused on gratitude this month – I issued a 30-day-Gratitude-Challenge for spouses on my blog and I have been posting a gratitude quote each day since we started. You are so right – jealousy is the epitome of ingratitude!

    • Shel Thanks, I appreciate the comment and am glad that it helps you in some way. I love that quote as well. God Bless!

    • Thanks Shel!

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