It’s not where you grow up, but how you grow up

Significance-540x300If you grew up in a small town where there are no famous people walking around town, no busy streets and not much to do, yet you are a very happy secure person, people start to wonder about you. As they did Henry, who grew up in a small town of such, yet was thankful for his uncomplicated upbringing and life style.

One evening Henry and his wife Trish attended a business dinner honoring our great Veterans and one of the women at the dinner asked Henry’s wife where she was from. When Trish told her, the woman said “I can’t believe you admitted that, aren’t you embarrassed?” Trish couldn’t tell if the woman was joking or not, but she said “No.”

You see, although that woman felt that Trish should have been ashamed of her background and where she was from, Trish had no shame. The town which she grew up was usually belittled by others for the lack of sophistication and Trish was aware of that. However, in her eyes it was not lacking in the things that matter the most. Trish’s family was part of a church community where parents brought up their children to honor the Lord and to love and respect others. She and Henry also, raised their children the same way. There was nothing she felt she needed to be shame of. Trish had a loving and supportive husband, a home all paid for, wonderful children and grandchildren and never wanted for anything. So, she really didn’t understand why she should be ashamed of that. Where she come from doesn’t define who she is, or make her less significant.

Did you know, Jesus also grew up in the small town of Nazareth and in (John 1:46), a man named Nathaniel asked “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Well, Jesus proved the answer to Nathaniel’s question to be yes! Although, Jesus grew up in the most insignificant place, he is the most significant person in all of history.

Sometimes you may look at another person’s life style, lively hood or where they’re from and feel as though you are insignificant compared to them. I say, you are significant in every sense of the word and you must never forget that about yourself. Because Scripture confirms and experience has taught me that what we become is more important than where we are from.



  1. Well done. And you are right. Don’t listen to negative voices around. Listen to the one voice that believes in you. Blessings, Barbara

    • Barbara, Thank you! I appreciate you reading my blog. The support shall be returned.

      • Thank you and have a good weekend.

    • Barbara, I commend you for all that you are involved in regards to you helping others and trying to make the world a better place. Being a little Rebel never hurt anyone. 🙂

      • Thank you so much for your support.Rebel’s aren’t very popular.

      • Thank you. You are a special person.

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