Celebrate the Mountains

celebrate life 2Every year we are celebrating something and most of those celebrations are for other people. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, and graduations. Yet, we hardly ever celebrate ourselves. Don’t you think it’s time you start celebrating you!

As I was brainstorming for something to write about, I ran across this news clip “video” about a woman that was getting ready to go under the knife to have a double mastectomy. This woman wanted to do a little celebratory dance before the surgery, so she enlisted the surgeons and nurses to dance with her to one of her favorite Beyonce songs, titled “Get Me Bodied” off the B’ Day album. These ladies were getting down…the patient had some great dance moves. You could tell she knew how to bust a move on the dance floor. It was so inspirational to watch, that you forgot why she was dancing in the first place.

The point I am trying to make is, that here you have this woman about to have both of her breast removed and regardless of the mountain she was about to climb (and that was a big mountain) she just wanted to celebrate her life by shaking her grove thang.

So, don’t you think it’s time you start celebrating yourself? There will always be some mountain in your way, causing you to figure out how you are going to either climb it or push it out your way. Yet somehow things work out. I am sure if you look back at your life and recall some of the roads you had to take or mountains you had to climb in order to get where you are today, you would agree that it is time for a celebration.

You need to do more than just identify the hurdles and obstacles you have overcome during your climb to the mountain you need to start celebrating them! Don’t conform to the way society thinks you should be doing things…which is…focusing on all the things you still have left to do. It’s no wonder folks are so stressed out! It’s time for you to celebrate those things you have achieved, those big and small.

Miley Cyrus (before her twirking days) has a song titled “The Climb” maybe you should give it a listen to the next time you have an uphill battle with a big mountain. It will help motivate you to reach your destination. And when it is all said and done, be sure you celebrate those mountains.


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