Real Talk

communication2Real communication is so much more than just talking. Some folk talk to prove a point, some talk to impress others, some talk to just to hear themself talk. Yet, to really communicate with someone is the supreme process of sharing the truth, learning the truth and having the chance to encounter such truth. Real communication is all about the interactions between the minds and hearts of individuals and it can also help in the development of souls.

Ever notice after having an open, honest and heartfelt conversation with someone how good you feel after that conversation? There were no head games being played, no prying, and no evil intent. Just plain open, honest and real communication. That’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it?

Maybe in your past relationship you gave real communication and you were authentic. Yet, things did not pan out the way you wish they had. That’s ok! Don’t look at it as failure to communicate, as long as you have learned from the lesson you received. Sometimes, depending on who you are communicating with, you only hear what we want to hear and not what is really being conveyed. Or maybe what is being conveyed is being done incorrectly, causing for miscommunication. Either way, as long as you or the person you are conversing with is being totally honest, open and clear the lines of communication would still be considered real, regardless of the topic of discussion.

Being able to have an open conversation with someone is one of the best gifts we could give ourselves and give to others. We get to listen and learn about others, while at the same time we get to be heard. It’s a chance to be clear about your needs, desires and your intentions. While being clear as to what others expectations may be of you. Having real communication is also a way for you to learn to trust and to be trusted. Having real communication also helps for you to be able to throw away that mask or the armor of protection you may sometimes wear and allows you to be authentic.

Communication is more than just plain talking; it’s interaction between souls which serves as a higher purpose. So, it’s all how you digest and utilize what is being said or heard. Now, that’s real talk!



  1. Well drafted article. Interesting and True also.

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