We can do Better!

gratitude-unlocks-the-fullness-of-lifeBefore you continue to read this post, I would like to thank you for reading my blog. Whether you subscribe to my blog or you just stumbled upon it, I THANK YOU! I can only hope my writing has inspired, enlightened and encouraged you in some way for that is the purpose of my starting “Whatcherylsaid.” I also want to say THANK YOU, to my fellow writers, I have made wonderful connections and built beautiful friendships and I am just amazed at the various talents and have been inspired by each and every one of you.

Today, out of the blue…I received an email at work from one of our vendors, thanking me for the assistance I have provided him this year. I was surprised and appreciative, to say the least.
He went on to state how in the hustle and bustle of everyone’s life, how we often forget to step back and acknowledge those around us and how he wish we could do a better job at this; but was glad that occasions such as Thanksgiving, gives us the opportunity to think and be grateful for the assistance from others.

However, although his email and message was very touching and true, what really blew my mind was that for the past few days I had been asking my heavenly father to send me a sign of something that I can write about for Thanksgiving and BAM! It was sent to me. He may not come when we want, but believe me; he is always on time.

Thanksgiving should not be just a once a year occasion. We should be giving thanks each and every day. Especially, since each day we are alive allows us the opportunity to make that day better than the day before. It also allows us another chance to really reflect and realize there is always…always…always something to be thankful for. Yes, even on those days you may feel you just can’t go on.

However, we can do better and not forget to give thanks, to those individuals that may have helped make our lives a little easier throughout the year. Those individuals that you entrust to take care of your loved ones while you are away, the grocery bagger and cart collector at your favorite supermarket, who makes it easier for you to get in and out of the stores and parking lots, your dedicated postal, fire and police and military personal who on a daily bases place their lives in danger to assist and protect you, the responsible and alert school bus drivers and crossing guards who make sure the children arrive to school and back into your arms safely, or that person who’s sense of humor helps you get through a tough day. And let us not forget the spiritual leaders, which keeps us grounded and humble each week. We can Do Better, because there is always, something or someone each and every day to be thankful for.

Have a Safe and Bountiful Thanksgiving!


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