The cure is to Believe

believe in yourself4Think positively about yourself…. ask God who made you to keep on remaking you. ~Norman Vincent Peale

You can pretty much tell a person that feels they are unworthy. They are the ones that are always working on themselves, more so than others. They always want to be better, do better, know more and do more. They truly believe that there is this one thing somewhere out there that will catapult them into a place of worth and value. Yet, in their quest to find what or where that is, they often dig themselves deeper into a hole, because they now have a shopping list of things they weren’t able to complete or things tried and are dissatisfied with.

How do you learn to believe in yourself if you’ve never been taught you are worth believing in? How on earth can you find the words to say to yourself the things you rarely or never heard about yourself? How do you learn to do for yourself those things you deserve and are worthy of, yet you were never taught your worth? You just do it!

There are a lot of people looking for someone to validate their self-worth. Maybe your parents never encouraged you or never made you feel worthy and it has caused you to always over compensate, so that you are noticed or approved by others. The problem as well as the truth to that is you may not find anyone to give you that validation. That is why you have to begin believing in yourself and become your own cheerleader.

You have to believe you are worthy. You have to believe you are much more than anyone may have ever told you that you were and that you will be much more as well. In order to believe and experience your own sense of worth, you must make the decision that you are worthy. Then you tell yourself that over and over again every day, hang post-it notes around your home as a reminder, if necessary. Take possession of those words you need to hear and you whisper them to yourself when you need to hear them. You must figure out what it is you need for you to believe your worth and then work on getting whatever that need is.

Let’s keep it real, there will be times when you may get a little weary from all the self-talk and post-it notes and you start to feel like they aren’t working. That is when you stop and you do something totally different. Do something that feels good and makes you happy. Also, be around people that make you happy and that genuinely have your best interest at heart. If you remain faithful in showing yourself the love and worthiness you deserve, you will see the healing begin to take form and you will realize that you no longer need to prove your worthiness to others; because you are now cured and all it took was for you to simply BELIEVE.


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