Accept Yourself

self love8Make this the year you stop judging yourself through others eyes. If you have lived your life pleasing everyone else, now is the time to make a change. Do your best to get fulfillment in life by being yourself. There are a few people I admire, but those I admire most are the ones that embrace who they are and not conform to what others may say or think about them. The reason I admire those types of individuals is because there aren’t many of them around, so when I run into someone with that mindset I find it very refreshing.

Everyone is so busy trying to be something or someone they aren’t that they actually forget who they are or worse never realize the wonderfulness that lies within them because they are so busy pleasing others. So what, if someone doesn’t like the way you look, if they think you are weird just because you act or think differently from them. Who cares about them not liking your style of dressing, the way you wear your hair, or how you chose to decorate your home, you aren’t living for others you are living for you. You have to be happy with yourself and your choices, because if you aren’t you will always be stressing on how to make others happy with you.

When we worry about what everyone else’s opinion of our lives but our own, we are creating trouble for ourselves. Come on! Life is too short to be lived in the hopes of pursuing the acceptance of others, because not only will we never gain the acceptance of everyone we desire to make proud of us, but we will never have an opportunity to show the world just how wonderful we are, as we are, our perfectly imperfect selves.

So, let this be the year you stop worrying about what others see and just focus on what God sees, and what you see as you look in the mirror each day. Also, as you look in the mirror each day, try to make sure you are truly looking at your wonderful self.


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