Finding your inner Beauty

innerbeautySo often we focus so much on creating an outer beauty appearance that we neglect what really matters and that is our inner beauty. Although, it is important to feel good about how you look on the outside, what really makes you beautiful is your inner beauty and this goes for women as well as men. Here are a few tips that can help you be the complete beautiful person you are naturally, but don’t always reveal.

1.Showing compassion: If you notice whenever you give to a charity or volunteer within your community or church organization, it’s not only good for society, but it also helps you to feel good about yourself inside and out. There is something really beautiful when you humble yourself to help others. Showing compassion doesn’t mean just volunteering or helping to feed the hungry, you can give someone a compliment, be a shoulder or an ear for someone that may be going through some life issues. Spend time with an elderly person, not only will you make them feel worthy, you will gain some helpful wisdom in the process.

2.Take a moment to mediate: Mediation is a great way to get deep into your inner self. It doesn’t take for you to be some mediation guru to mediate either. All it takes is a few moments alone in a quiet setting and you can do this anywhere at any time. You can do this in your office on your lunch break, in your bedroom before heading off to work, you can even mediate in your car by turning off the noisy radio and sit for a moment with your eyes closed, muscles relaxed and a clear mind. Doing this daily will help increase your inner beauty.

3.Get in touch with what inspires you: When you do the things that make you happy, it helps to bring out your inner beauty. Any hobbies you have that you enjoy or by trying something new will also help with your inner beauty. When you try new things it helps you to reach new horizons as well as strengthens the beauty within you that you didn’t realize you possessed.

4.Share your wisdom: Some people think that by becoming a mentor it only means to do so in a career setting. However, although you can reach someone in that arena, you can reach them more if you just share your life’s wisdom. Mentoring is great in the work place, but sometimes those that may not be on your level could use a pep talk from you as well. You can also a mentor to others outside of your working environment. Being a little more open-minded about what mentoring consist of will help you to be of help to another and it will make you feel good, while also spreading your inner beauty out to others.

5.Be present: One of the best ways to grow as a person and work on your inner beauty is to be in the moment. Being present means to be focused and aware of those around you. After all it is not all about you! How many times have you asked a loved one how their day was, then you zoom by them before you can hear the answer? Maybe while holding a conversation with someone you zone out and think about what you’re going to cook for dinner or the errand you need to run before getting home. Or maybe you’re just one of those people that attempt to ask others about themselves, yet aren’t really concerned with their answer and the conversation turns to you and your life. Relationships are a helpful way to help get in touch with your inner beauty. Take time to actually listen when others are speaking to you, show them that you appreciate who they are and what is on their minds. Practice being present. Remember it is not always about you and when you keep that in mind you can find the peace and inner beauty within.


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