Ease Up!

god will helpYes, it is true that anything you want in life you have to work for it. But, do you really need to work so hard? Must you always be busy doing something? Could you possibly ease up a little? Most people would probably say no. Yet, few of us understand that for every step we take toward what we want in life, the Universe will take two. For if we have to do it all on our own, there would be nothing left for God to do for us.

One reason we work so hard is because we are afraid. I know most won’t admit that, but most of us also live in fear that we are not going to reach our goals, get the results we expect or be fulfilled with our hearts content. Yet, it is that fear that puts us in a power struggle with God. For if you really think you have to do it all, what do you think God is doing or can do for you?

There is a big difference between having a goal and being consumed by something. Just like it is a difference in being responsible and being compulsive. If you notice many people do by being consumed. They have so much to do, that the thing that drives them toward success is the same thing that create their tension and frustration.

All the strain, tension, anxiety, compulsion, struggle, frustration, obsession and fear are all the things you get when you push yourself too hard. God, who is the power over all our lives, doesn’t have to push to get you what you want. Actually, if you were to ease up, you may be surprised at what God would do on your behalf.

When you try to do it all, or do too much, you are really just a stumbling block in your own path. Why not let this be the year you learn how to ease up! Chill out! And allow God a chance to do something for you.


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