“Who you are is Enough”

be-a-good-person-but-do-not-waste-time-to-prove-itYou don’t have to be this great super-being in order to measure up to everyone else. Who you are is quite enough! If only you would stop beating yourself up about the things you did not do to everyone else’s satisfaction, you will realize that who you are is enough. If you could stop second guessing, and doubting yourself, you will realize you are enough.

It could be such a valuable experience for you if you would just allow yourself to be who you are without any excuses or putting up defenses. At times you may pretend to be something or someone you aren’t, just to fit in or to have others accept you. When in reality they are not getting the real you, they are getting the person you are pretending to be and that’s just not cool.

The truth is we are all going through life, living life the best way we know how. We all make mistakes, we all want to be accepted, we all want to be loved, and we all want to feel important in some way, either to someone or to ourselves. Yet, what many of us fail to realize is that you don’t need to go out of your way to try to be someone you aren’t just to get those things. Just being who you are is enough!

What would happen if you were to let yourself believe, trust and demonstrate the fact that you are just fine being who you are? Would those that seem to think you are lacking shut their big trap? It is possible they would, but you wouldn’t know until you take the chance on just being enough of yourself to make yourself happy.

In the past you may have been worrying about changing yourself in order to make who you are better for the approval of others. Why not let this year be the year you try to be yourself and start to realize that being yourself is enough to make you valuable.


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