“Change your Thoughts”

There are quite a few people that may have experienced some form of abuse that had an effect on their identity. Even some failures or some terrible catastrophe has left some type of mark on who you are. Yet, all those things are circumstances, things that happen to you or around you, which you have no control over.

However, just because you can’t control what others say to you or what happens around you, doesn’t mean you can’t control the way you think about what was said or done. That is why it is very important that you not allow any negative behavior sink into the conscious part of your mind.

Maybe growing up or even as an adult you were called terrible names, made fun of, or just downright disrespected by someone. Well, it doesn’t matter what someone may have called you or have done to you, what matters is how you process it all. You must not allow those things to sink into the conscious part of your mind. Because if you do, you will start to believe what was said about you, or done to you to be true, or that it was deserved and then you start to put yourself down. When we start to repeat other people’s thoughts into our own head, they go deeper and deeper into our consciousness and then begin to shape our identity.

Your thoughts don’t have to be true in order to hurt you; you just have to believe them. If you’re always telling yourself that you can’t do something, then you can’t. If you’re in a relationship and you are saying negative things about your relationship, like it will never work or last, then it won’t. If you are always looking at yourself in a negative light, then you will always have negative thoughts about yourself. Your thoughts control your life and how you live your life.

So, despite any negative words anyone calls you or say about you; you must not allow it to affect the way you think about yourself. You were created for a reason and for that reason you are still here. Don’t allow any of the circumstances of life for which you have no control over to alter your thoughts about yourself. When you start to believe you can, then you will, when you start to believe you are, then that you will become. You must silence all the negativity, but don’t just imagine it happening, make it happen by changing your thoughts.


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